Roller Skating: No Reason for This Trend to Become Less Grand


Roller derby used to be very popular back in the 70s, but it has made a huge comeback in the past few years. To someone that is not familiar with roller derby, it may seem like a bunch of girls skating in circles and bashing each other in the face, however, roller derby is a legit sport that requires a lot of skill, tactics, and of course, the right gear.

So, whether you are a newbie skater or a pro, when you are out to buy roller skates Canberra wide along with the rest of the protective gear, here are some of the things you might want to consider.

Obviously, you need to start with the most important part of your gear – the skates themselves. Without them, there is no skating, you are basically just running. Now that we made that clear, we can move on. When it comes to roller derby, you can forget about inline skates since everyone uses quad skates. The four wheels and their width offer better grip on smooth surfaces, more stability, and are generally more comfortable. In fact, a lot of casual skaters choose quad skates for their comfort, stability, and that awesome retro look. The boot of roller derby skates comes in a variety of styles and materials, but most people choose low-cut boots for more flexibility and you should always go for quality materials such as leather.


Have in mind that nearly every part of roller skates can be replaced and upgraded. When you buy a pair of new skates, they usually come with some kind of wheels which do their job just fine, but once you get some experience and learn about stuff like grippiness or hardness of wheels, you can upgrade to a better set that will allow you to skate faster and smoother. And basically the same goes for the bearings. Different bearings have different levels of friction and performance and whenever you want, you can change those as well.

Although it comes third on my list, safety actually always comes first. Helmets, pads, and mouth guards don’t need much explaining. If you play roller derby without protection, you are going to have a bad time. Roller derby is a brutal sport, to say the least, and you are going to end up with bruises anyway. However, it is very important to protect sensitive parts like your knees, elbows, wrists, teeth, and of course, your head. When it comes to pads, make sure they fit you perfectly and have enough cushioning. The same goes for the helmet, make sure it fits your head perfectly and remember that you cant just use any helmet. You need one specially designed for skating which covers the back of your head since it is very likely to fall backwards when roller skating. And as far as mouthguards go, well you know how bad a missing tooth looks and how expensive oral surgery is.

So this is the basic gear you should look for when you are out to buy roller skates Canberra wide. It should be enough to get you started, and in time as you gain more experience you can upgrade and modify it.