Reasons You Need More Egg Cartons at Home

Egg Cartons for Sale AustraliaYou know what I consider successfully running a household? Not just finding the ways to incorporate more of the small living, or going green, to cut down on your expenses, but also finding the unconventional ways to make use of something mundane; in other words repurposing. This way you get to enhance your DIY skills as well, and I’ve got the perfect example: egg cartons!

Due to their unique design, these cartons don’t just make perfect egg holders, but they also offer you the chance to come up with various ideas and applications, from the more practical, to the more decorative. Of course people raising chickens and selling eggs could do with as many as possible for storing and transporting all the eggs, however egg cartons for sale Australia specialised packaging businesses provide can easily find their place with other households as well.

Egg Cartons for Sale Australia

As these egg cartons for sale Australia suppliers can offer you with, including egg boxes, are available in generic and custom print, you wouldn’t have to worry about finding alternative ways to use them as there’s no danger of salmonella.

Some of the well known repurposing of egg cartons and boxes are composting, starting seedlings, used as birdfeeders, and materials for firing up the grill, yet if you let creativity take over, you’d come up with plenty more interesting solutions. For instance, if you’re in the need to relocate, or ship fragile items, you can use them instead of packing peanuts, as they’re lightweight all the same but provide more stiffness. Likewise, they are the ideal protection for your delicate Christmas ornaments, stored throughout the year when holidays are over, and even make for unique and creative gift packaging.

When you don’t exactly have the money but are in need of enhanced sound insulation, fret not, that’s what egg cartons are here for. If you don’t want to nail them on walls and ceiling, you can count on the barely visible double-sided tape to do the job. Feel like your home could do with a bit of organisation? You can rely on egg cartons to keep all the small items in order, from nails, and bolts, to office supplies, craft supplies, buttons, and jewellery to name a few.

What’s crafting time with kids without the help of egg cartons as your basic art supplies? There are so many ideas you could come up with, to let your kiddos have all the fun they want, from using the cartons as paint cups, and turning them into eco-gowns, to creating flower string lights – let your imagination guide you!