Reasons Why You Want To Use Construction Cranes

Construction crane is an essential construction machine. It can be seen at every large construction site, as it is able to lift extremely heavy building materials, including concrete slabs, cement mixers, steel structures and other heavy objects. Construction crane is usually mounted at the center of the construction site in order to handle raw materials in the most efficient way. The construction crane can also be fixed on top of the buildings, especially when skyscrapers are being built. There are many reasons why a construction crane is needed on the construction site. Here are few of the most common ones.


Cost-effective – The construction crane is a cost-effective lifting machine. It is a costly investment but provides high return. Every construction crane, regardless of the model and size, can easily be raised and dismantled. For erecting a construction crane, you would need few, or maybe only one smaller mobile crane, an experienced and highly skilled construction crane operators and one engineer to lead and overlook the whole process. Dismantling is a bit more complicated and in some cases even a helicopter is required, rather than mobile cranes.

Enhanced Productivity And Efficiency – Construction crane significantly reduces the need for the manual labor on construction sites, because it is operated by one person either from the ground or from the cabin. Because a construction crane is fixed at the center of the construction site, it can reach everywhere on the site without the need to be moved. It is evident how much a construction crane can enhance the productivity and the efficiency on the job site.

Versatility – With a construction crane on a construction site, there is no need for other lifting machines, such as mobile cranes, forklifts, boom trucks, telehandlers and other construction machines. This significantly reduces costs when several jobs need to be performed on the construction site.

Lower Labor Costs – The construction companies usually employ many workers without knowing that a single piece of equipment can reduce the labor costs while keeping up the productivity and efficiency on the same level. Generally, more equipment requires more employees. But with a construction crane there is no need for extra workers, because this machine is capable of performing several jobs, like lifting or moving heavy loads and materials.

Environmentally Friendly Impact – Some construction crane models operate on electricity. These cranes are not only efficient but also environmentally friendly machines. With electric powered construction crane there is no need to store fuel on-site. Also, this construction crane model features reduced noise and less air pollution.