Reasons Why Wall Art Matters and How to Arrange More Elements?

A gallery wall is a simple and noticeable way to bring more style and personality to any room. This is especially true when it comes to photography prints. All you need is a hammer, frame hooks and a collection of your favourite prints. The tricky part with all this is the arranging process. A blank wall can be dull, so buckle up and read through these ideas that will surely help you.


Arrangement Tips to Get You in the Mood

Mix it Up

There are many people who see creating art walls as a medium for making personal statements. This can be easily done through the photography prints one decides to include. Some find that a mix of a variety of different prints and styles that represent a range of media – from photography to drawings all mixed with souvenirs or kids’ artworks are what makes a wall artsy and worth discussing. But, however different the pieces are, you should still follow some kind of pattern if you want to make them all work together. You can create distinctions among the pieces either through colour or framing, for instance.

Take Your Time

Don’t go on a quick shopping spree just so that you can finish the art wall at top speed. There is beauty in the whole assembly process as well. The whole look should give out a vibe that it was carefully put together. Like a personal collection, in a way. Be patient, sit with your ideas and take joy while you look through the many different options and see what you are truly drawn to.

Find the Right Space

You don’t have to live in a huge place in order to have a wall art display. On the contrary, if you include an art wall in your small apartment you can create a properly decorated space that doesn’t take up valuable floor space and still makes the room feel welcoming and complete. In fact, you can even hang art pieces around windows, doors or above bed frames. You can even place them around fireplaces and kitchen counters.

Choose Your Style

Generally speaking, art walls fall into two main categories when it comes to arrangement styles. A grid or linear arrangement, and a salon – an eclectic grouping of images and objects. When deciding on the style, you should think about the image you are aiming to create in the room. Namely, grids give out a clean, crisp, formal arrangement, while the salon-style results in a more relaxed, personal style.

Finally, regardless of the print and style you’ll go for, art is a powerful form of expression, not only for the creator but for the observer as well. It encourages dialogue and provides you with the opportunity to express your beliefs, hopes, feelings and for some, life philosophies.