Reasons Why France Still Makes The World’s Best Wines

What is the first thing that comes to mind when someone says ‘wine’? I bet it is France. Right? French make world’s best wines. Few words revealing an enormous truth. Despite the fact that there are other wine regions in the world that take pride in producing some of the most popular wine brands, France takes pride in producing the most quality and authentic bottles of wine in the wine history.


In fact, French wine is a mirror of the French people themselves – elegant, sophisticated and well-dressed, with a special affection and appreciation towards the good things in life. And wine, is definitely a good thing in life, won’t you agree? By being exceptionally tasty, beautiful and well-mannered, French wine makes a perfect companion to different types of food, especially when it comes to delicate and luxurious meals that simply leave you without breath.

The truth is, bottles of French red and white that come with low price tags, still feature great quality. And not to mention the quality of the most expensive bottles of special French wine. But what is it that makes special French wine so wanted? Why are French wines top rated by passionate wine lovers and those not-so-crazy-about-wine?

As wine experts say, many qualities make French wines authentic. The number one reason is the fact that they have been making wine longer than anyone else. The second reason would be their winemaking philosophy – matching the grape with the right type of soil and climate. And finally, the amazing variety. France does not produce a couple hundred different grapes (as is the case with cheeses), but the country does offer different types of wine. The top-quality and special French wine come from the Bordeaux region. Other renowned wine brands coming from the magical land of cheese, wine and romance, are the reds Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, and the whites Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc.

Each wine region in France produces wine with special characteristics that cannot be found in the composition of any other wine. From Alsace’s stylish white and the classics of Burgundy and Bordeaux, to the cool bottles of wine from the Loire Valley, the warm Languedoc-Roussillon wines, the powerful offerings of the Rhone and the northern fastness of the Champagne, choices for ultimate pleasure and perfect wine moments are unlimited.

Trust me, if you were to choose a wine from one region, you’d probably choose a French wine. It will never bore you.