Reasons Volvo Construction Equipment Is In Demand

Volvo Construction Equipment is certainly one of the most reputable and reliable manufacturers of construction equipment in the world, offering its extensive range of products in over 100 countries. The product range of Volvo CE includes excavators, motor graders, milling machines, wheeled loaders, skid steer loaders, backhoe loaders, compacters, pavers, soil stabilizers, pipelayers, articulated haulers, compact wheeled loaders and compact excavators. Volvo Construction Equipment is able to challenge every construction job with a quality, safe and efficient machine. With production facilities on four continents and strong global dealer network, Volvo’s endless efforts to satisfy its customers on the best way possible are obvious.


The core values of Volvo CE are quality, safety and environmental care. As one of the oldest industrial company in the world, Volvo Construction Equipment is known as a world leader for design, manufacturing and engineering of Volvo construction equipment. Since 1832, Volvo is providing the construction managers and operators with efficient and unique solutions for their construction tasks. Today, Volvo construction equipment is still in demand and is used for a variety of projects.

Recently, Volvo Construction Equipment has faced an incredible sales growth of up to 21%. The increased sales is mainly due to the high demand for smaller machines, while the sales of larger Volvo construction equipment were relatively unchanged. The new, innovative machines from Volvo CE have also contributed to the increased sales. Two of the newest products of Volvo CE are the exceptional wheeled loaders L110H and L120H. All Volvo wheeled loaders are known for low fuel consumption and world-class economy and these two are not an exception.

Introduced at the end of July 2014, L110H and L120H are very productive machines, suitable to a variety of applications. The two wheeled loaders feature Volvo D8J Tier-IV final certified engine, which has a fully automatic regeneration. Volvo L110H has 255 horsepower, while L120H is a little more powerful and has 274 horsepower. With similar bucket range and operating weight, these two wheeled loaders are able to access and operate in any job site.

Volvo Construction Equipment has featured them with a unique Reverse-By-Braking feature, which automatically reduces the engine power and apply the service brakes if the operator change the direction. Their cabin is carefully designed to allow the operators a wide and clear view, featuring a glass all around and a rear camera. Lastly, Volvo L110H and L120H feature easy to access service check points to enable a simplified and easier daily check ups.