Reasons to Use Pillows for Yoga to Enhance Your Experience

There are various types of yoga; some are meant to keep you fit while others help you achieve complete relaxation. A common yoga practice that promotes relaxation is restorative yoga. It is a practice where you hold poses for a long time while sitting or lying down. Generally, the poses require props, like a pillow for yoga, to help your body open up so that you can soak in all the benefits of the poses. In addition, a yoga prop will help you find stillness so that you can relax your mind and body while practicing.

When looking for a yoga bolster, you will find out that they come in different shapes, sizes, and materials to match people’s different needs and preferences. However, the most popular one that’s used in restorative poses is the pillow for yoga. Although some people don’t see the need for yoga props in their practice, many individuals find them very helpful as they provide the needed support for their poses even if they are already an expert or just a beginner. Here are some of the reasons why you should use a pillow for yoga in your next session.


Support for the Back Bend Pose

Back bend is a restorative pose that is great for opening the front area of your body and improving the digestive function. It is also perfect for combatting the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Placing a yoga pillow under the neck will allow the neck, head, and shoulder area to relax, thus promoting comfort.

Support for Child Pose

The Supported child pose can be a good remedy for insomnia and for calming racing thoughts. It is a highly restorative pose and deeply nourishing for your nervous system. To perform the supported child pose, kneel and place a pillow between your legs. Then, gently lay face down, resting the front of your body on the pillow. Adjust the pillow for yoga until you are comfy. Close your eyes and breathe.

Heart Chakra Opener

Laying with your head, shoulders, and spine along the yoga pillow has many benefits. It gently stretches your diaphragm, abdominals, and intercostals and helps improve your digestion. It is a great pose to simply focus on and follow nothing else than your breath.

Elevate Legs Up

Place a yoga pillow under your buttock area to get a nice little lift. You will start to feel a gentle opening throughout your lower back and a slight release with more blood and energy flow shortly afterward. This will help refresh your lungs and heart as it will bring new blood flow to your stomach, it will help rest your weary legs and help calm your mind.