Reasons To Use Network Switch At Home

Network Switch At Home

Nowadays, most business networks use switches to connect printers, computers and servers within an office building. Switches serve as controllers, which enable network devices to communicate with each other efficiently. But one of the most important thing we need to know about switches is that they save money and increase the productivity of employees through sharing information and resource allocation.

A network switch resembles a router and although both devices are used for similar applications, each has own functions within a network.

A network switch is a device which has fixed number of network ports that can connect several network devices to the home local area network (LAN). The networking switches are primarily used for sharing internet connection between several computers, bur a network switch is also being used for sharing network resource like NAS box or printer in order to be accessed by all network users.

Nowadays, the network switches have speed of 100 Mbps/1000 Mbps per port, which is more than enough for any network application. All network devices are connected to the network switch with twisted copper pair cables.

All laptops, computers, printers and other devices that are connected to the network switch need network adapter or network interface card (NIC) in order to connect to the network. Usually, most of them have built-in NIC cards. The network switch and every device connected to it, require an IP address provided by a router. To access one, first terminate the Internet connection to a modem that is in-turn connected to the router. Toady, the wireless routers usually come with a built-in modem, so a modem plus router is equal to one device. However, cable modem may require a separate router in case you want to share your internet connection with several users. Additionally, wireless routers include several network switch ports for connecting other devices to the network. You can connect new network switches to the wireless router if you want to extend the wired network in order to accommodate more devices or you can connect other devices in a wireless mode.

Therefore, a network switch is really useful and helpful device that can connect several other devices to the home network. Every device that is connected to the switch is automatically connected to everything else that is connected to the switch. The network switches enable you to add more devices to the network any time you want. Therefore, if you’re thinking of connecting multiple devices to your home network connection, you will need to buy network switch. Network switches can be found in every well-equipped computer store or you can buy network switch from a reliable online store.