Reasons To use Log Book Service

When the time to sell your car comes, possible buyers will require documentation to check how well you have preserved your car. The best way to show this is by presenting you car’s log book. With log book service the buyer can have a clear view of how and when your car was serviced and determine the real value behind the price. It is preferred for log book servicing to be done at official dealer auto services. However, if you wish, you can choose a different auto service that is qualified to do log book service by manufacturer’s criteria. These auto services have official certificates for doing this kind of work so you won’t have to worry about declination of your warranty. In addition we will explain some benefits of doing scheduled service.

Like we mentioned, log books provide information about every car check and repair that has been made according to manufacturer’s standards. That means that every broken part of your car has been replaced with the same original model and the possibility of fraud is very little. Also, when choosing to use log book service you are most likely to preserve your car’s warranty original expiration date which will only add more dollars to the selling price.

Another benefit is that you are not obliged to do these scheduled services only at official dealers. The freedom of choice lets you find auto service shops that will do log service for a lower price. You will save money but still same standards will be used during car checks and repairs. On the other hand you should be aware of fake auto shops claiming that they are authorized to do log book service. Before entrusting your car to them ask for documents as proof to their credibility. Better be certain than paying for false car service Melbourne auto shops are required to frame these certificates on walls in order to avoid suspicion of customers.

In conclusion, it is better to use log book service than to avoid it. We know that sometimes service at a corner garage can be much cheaper but over the years effects will start to show through damaged engine clips or exhaust system.