Reasons to Use LED Torch Flashlight

If you are a hunter, hiker or a camper, you certainly know how important is to have a quality and highly-efficient torch flashlight. Due to the fact that your torch flashlight might be of vital importance for your safety in a number of situations, you need to dedicate an extra amount of attention when choosing the right one to match your specific needs.

LED Flashlights

Simply said, no matter for what purpose you need to use a flashlight, you can’t go wrong with a LED torch flashlight. In fact, there are many advantages of using this type, rather than using some of the conventional types. In addition, here are the main reasons to use a LED torch flashlight:

  • Sturdy Construction
    In comparison to the conventional bulbs, LED bulbs are made from a much sturdier material. This makes the torch resistant to shock and suitable to use for many different purposes. Simply put, you don’t have to worry that your torch will get easily broken if you accidentally drop it on the ground.
  • Higher Efficiency
    Depending on the wattage of your LED torch flashlight, it can provide you up to 50.000+ hours of use. On the other side, halogen lights last for maximum 15 hours of continuous use, while incandescent lights provide only 6 hours of effective usage. These facts speak best about the unmatched efficiency of LED flashlights.
  • Longer Battery Lifespan
    For illustration, if you use an incandescent flashlight you will need to replace its battery every 2 hours of continuous use; if you choose a halogen flashlight – replace the battery after 9 effective hours. But what about the LED flashlight? Well, if you choose a LED torch flashlight, you won’t have to think about replacing its battery until up to 90 hours of continuous use! That’s an incomparable difference, isn’t it?
  • Eco-Friendly
    Unlike most conventional light bulbs, LED bulbs do not contain toxic substances such as mercury. Also, the lower power consumption of this type of flashlights reduces the number of batteries that are used, which reduces the pollution of the environment (dead batteries are known as one of the most harmful household waste.
  • More Colour Options
    When buying a LED torch flashlight, you can choose from the wide span of colour options, which is not the case when choosing some of the conventional light bulbs. This is not the most important advantage of LED lights, but it is good to know that you have more options to choose from.