Reasons To Use Knuckle Boom Crane At Moving Job Sites

A knuckle boom crane is a hydraulic crane, generally used on ships and similar moving job sites. Versatile and efficient, the knuckle boom crane is essential machine for many moving job sites, because it is able to load and unload items quickly and efficiently. This hydraulic crane is built as a common crane, with one exception: the boom is hinged in the middle, in the form of a knuckle. The benefit of the knuckle boom can be seen in the decreased distance between the crane and the load, ensuring increased control and less motion. There are many reasons why contractors use knuckle boom cranes at moving job sites.


The knuckle boom cranes are used for many different types of applications. Mounted on a barge and taking little space, the knuckle boom cranes are very efficient in many aspects. When equipped with the right attachment, the knuckle boom cranes can be used for lifting, moving and carrying operations. A typical knuckle boom or hydraulic crane has four operation choices: ground control, stand up control, top-seat control or radio remote control.

The knuckle boom looks like a finger and works as a knuckle. The hydraulic cylinder allows the crane to be extended. It looks just like a regular boom crane, but the knuckle boom provides more benefits because of the folding capability. When folded, the boom is very close to the truck or a deck, which means the distance between the load and a crane tip is significantly reduced. Shortened distance allows increased control, while the knuckle boom design allows less motion of the load that is attached. Some knuckle boom cranes do not use wires to get increased maneuverability for picking and dropping objects more precisely in the right location.

In fact, the knuckle boom cranes are hydraulically powered lifting machines, fitted on a truck or to a trailer. For example, if the knuckle boom crane is attached to a truck, it is used for loading and unloading different kinds of loads and materials. This is the most common application for the knuckle boom cranes. The knuckle boom cranes are also very practical, as they can be folded and stored conveniently (because of its jointed sections) once the lifting operation is completed. Their versatility is emphasized when the crane works just like a regular straight boom crane. On land and at sea, the knuckle boom cranes are considered as fully folding cranes, and can be modified for any application quickly with the right attachment. Durable, versatile, easily stored and available all around the world, the knuckle boom cranes are the most efficient cranes for moving job sites.