Reasons to Use Evening Primrose Oil Capsules

Evening primrose is a flowering plant native to South and North America. Native Americans used it in an alternative medicine since the oil found in plant’s seeds contains an omega-6 essential fatty acid which is crucial to human health. They used the leaves, roots, and seedpods to treat various skin problems and wounds.

Menopause and premenstrual syndrome


Evening primrose oil capsules have proven to be effective in preventing the painful symptoms of menopause and PMS. According to women who have used evening primrose oil, the natural remedy this , such as breast tenderness, swelling and irritability According to women who have used them diminishes breast tenderness, swelling and irritability.

Nerve pain

Nerve pain (neuropathy) that occurs as a consequence of diabetes has been successfully treated with evening primrose oil, when other treatments such as antidepressants have not been successful. Diabetic neuropathy most commonly refers to damaged nerves of the feet. Researches show that taking evening primrose oil capsules for 6 to 12 months may diminish the symptoms of nerve damage.


Some researches show that taking 500 mg of a specific evening primrose oil product (Epogam, Efamol) daily for up to 16 weeks does not improve asthma symptoms.


Skin condition

Since primrose oil features high concentrations of antioxidants, it helps in fighting free radicals. Sun exposure and stress may cause irreversible damage to the skin by the creation of free radicals. Neutralizing these free radicals is a must as they may cause the skin to look rather weary. Antioxidants fight the good fight and can render you skin free from damage. Therefore, evening primrose oil has a revitalizing effect on the skin cells and it makes it look smooth and healthy.


Evening primrose oil capsules, when taken four times a day for 12 weeks by obese women will definitely result in weight loss. GLA (gamma linolenic acid) seems to be the ingredient responsible for the anti-obesity effect of this plant. For instance, according to a University of California and a study published in “The Journal of Nutrition” from 2007, GLA successfully reduced weight regain in humans. The study included fifty obese women.

Considering the above statements, there are many reasons to state that taking evening primrose oil capsules can be very beneficial in treating many different conditions. Just bare in mind that you have to consult a qualified healthcare professional in order to designate the optimal dosage for your particular needs and conditions.