Reasons To Use CPAP Nasal Mask

CPAP Nasal Mask

If you have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), you are probably familiar with the most effective treatment, the continuous positive airway pressure therapy (CPAP). Obstructive sleep apnea is a chronic sleeping disorder, which is most commonly treated with long–term usage of CPAP nasal mask. This nasal mask, better known as CPAP nasal mask is actually a nasal device that is worn at night while sleeping, in order to keep the airways open by ensuring that enough oxygen is delivered to the lungs. This nasal mask is considered to be quite effective in minimizing OSA symptoms. Many studies have shown that the CPAP therapy eliminates not only air blockages, but also helps in reducing the risks for high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and headaches.

The CPAP therapy is painless and a safe treatment for those patients who have problems with severe snoring. There may be some side effects at the beginning, like little discomfort and itchy feeling, but this will fade away after a short period of continuous usage of the CPAP nasal mask. The main reason to wear a nasal CPAP mask is that you will notice significant improvements, like better sleep, enhanced overall health, increased energy and happiness after just one week of using the nasal CPAP mask.

Recent studies show that some incredible benefits can be gained by wearing a nasal CPAP mask aside from the fact that it helps treat sleep apnea. According to this study, after three months of intensive CPAP treatment, 20% of the patients experienced reduced blood pressure, better sleeping pattern, reduced body mass and lower levels of cholesterol. This new research shows also the latest benefits that can be gained from wearing a nasal mask:

  • improved sex life of partners
  • both sexual desire and
  • sexual function.

Researchers examined men for 6 months period and noticed that all men have experienced improvements in both libido and erectile function with the CPAP therapy. Those men who had been diagnosed with erectile disorder at the start of the study, experienced important improvements in their sexual desire and function.

Based on these latest findings, researchers will continue to evaluate and discover new benefits of wearing a nasal CPAP mask for chronic sleeping disorder condition. Medical experts hope that these results will motivate other sleep apnea patients to eliminate their worries regarding the distress and the discomfort, and to start wearing nasal mask in order to improve their lifestyle.