Reasons To Use 3 Tonne Excavator

Why use a large excavator when there is wide choice of compact excavators, equally or even more efficient than the large excavator? The compact excavator are not only growing in engine size and structure, but they are growing in capacities as well. The annual sales of compact excavators have increased significantly in the recent years, as the operators are choosing smaller machines. There are few groups of compact excavators, but the most popular is the 3 tonne excavator. For a compact excavator, 3 tonne is an ideal lifting capacity. To assure yourself why using a 3 tonne excavator is the best choice you can make, here are few reasons.

3 tonne excavator

Operates Faster, Easier And More Profitably Than Large Excavators – People involved in the industry believed that having a large machine is the best choice that can be made, but that is not true. The 3 tonne excavator has been improved over the years and it is able to operate faster, easier and much more profitably than any other large excavator. In terms of digging and loading performance, the 3 tonne excavator is very sophisticated and provides an exceptional convenience and comfort for the operators.

Able To Operate Where Large Excavator Can Not – There are many job sites that are too small for large excavators, while the 3 tonne excavator is perfect for such. Its compact size allows the unit to position in any tight job site and operate in the most efficient way possible. Plus, operating in tight areas is not as difficult as many believe, but just as easy as operating in any area.

Reduces Labor And Operating Costs – The compact size of the 3 tonne excavator means that it requires less money to buy, operate, transport and maintain than large excavator. It has a low fuel consumption, while getting the job done as efficiently as possible. Also, it operates very quietly and has no big impact on the sensitive surfaces. The labor costs represent a great benefit of this excavator. A 3 tonne excavator costs you to purchase and maintain it, but the labor cost you every day.

Ideal For A Variety Of Applications – The labor, money and time saving abilities of the 3 tonne excavator make it suitable for a variety of applications, including digging trenches for a variety of lines and water mains, excavating for foundation repairs, swimming pools, footings and tanks, removing old tree stumps, excavating holes for planting trees and sometimes for finishing up a project started by large excavator.

To summarize, the 3 tonne excavator proves that bigger is not always better. Most contractors invest in large excavator with lots of horsepower, but that could be an expensive mistake.