Reasons To Start Skateboarding Right Now


If being cool is not enough of a reason to start skateboarding, we’ll be glad to give you more, but really? You need more convincing? Well okay, let’s start from the beginning. The first skateboards were made of wooden boxes and boards with roller skate wheels attached on them. That was back in the 40’s when children were still playing on the streets and were getting creative with everyday objects. By the 1960’s a number of surfing manufacturers started building skateboards that looked a lot like surfboards. Since then, a skateboarding craze has started to spread all over the world especially among the young, restless and open-minded.

For many, skateboarding is not just a hobby, it’s a way of life. It transcends cultural and geographic boundaries, appeals to people of all ages and its cool factor is undeniable. Besides, along with creating new skills and improving your fitness, skateboarding will also introduce you to a whole new group of people who are as passionate about skating as yourself. Even hanging out at the local skate store and speaking to the staff will pave you a way for some introductions and opportunities.

And we all know skateboarding is all about the tricks, right? So when you’re practicing a new trick for a long time and when you finally get it, you realize that you can do something that many other people can’t, you realize that you can challenge yourself and achieve what you’ve practiced for so long and this my friend, builds your confidence. However, without patience and hard work you won’t get anywhere because skateboarding is definitely not the easiest sport to master. I mean, skateboarders can fight gravity! How cool is that?


And are you familiar with the youtube skateboarding craze that inspires people from all over the world to get on a board and skate? People love posting videos of themselves skating and we love them for that. Watching skateboarders execute ramp tricks, kickflips, backside flips and so much more, became a huge hit around the net and now many kids are trying to copy their favorite youtube skate vloggers. Besides showing their viewers how to skate and practically how to act cool on a board, youtube skateboarders often-times promote a certain skate store or product in order to introduce them to fellow skateboarders all around the world. That’s why according to many people, skateboarding communities are filled with friendly, kind, open-minded and most of all, amazing people who never look at other skateboarders as their competition, but rather as their skateboarding friends and soulmates.