Reasons To Quit Smoking

Stop Smoking

You’ve made a decision to quit smoking yet again. After all, this has been your primary New Year’s resolution for years now. But since you’re still lighting up, it seems you haven’t fared well with it. Sure you’re aware of the risk factors associated with smoking such as being diagnosed with one of many types of cancer, heart and autoimmune disease, etc., but you still enjoy it. You’re probably rolling your eyes already, but there’s no need for that. We’ll refrain from giving you a lesson on how important it is to kick this habit now (you’re probably hearing it from your loved ones unceasingly), but will point out few not so obvious reasons you should flush that pack today.

Better Lovemaking – Yes, smoking affects your sex life. Certain components of smoke and nicotine itself, decrease sexual libido in both men and women. Smokers are found to be less interested in initiating and are less responsive to the initiated intercourse. Moreover, smoking is directly associated with erectile dysfunction. In fact, men who smoke are twice as likely to have problems getting and maintaining an erection.

anti_smoking_your_teeth_will_thank_you_posterSparkling Smile – Quit smoking if you want a sparkling smile. Nicotine and other components found in cigarettes and smoke can cause numerous dental problems such as bad breath, discolored teeth, gum disease, increased plaque build up and oral cancer.

Flawless And Glowing Skin – If you want a flawless and glowing skin, avoid cigarettes. Smoking causes premature aging and is main culprit to having wrinkles. Due to the carbon monoxide found in smoke which significantly reduces blood flow, smokers have dry and discolored skin. Also, due to the fact that smoking affects sleep, smokers are more likely to have bags and dark circles under their eyes.

Quit-Smoking-and-Cant-Sleep-10-Tips-to-Ease-InsomniaImprove Your Sleep – Recent studies have shown that smokers are more prone to insomnia, take longer to fall asleep, wake up often during night and sleep less. But what’s alarming is that smokers are more likely to be diagnosed with an obstructive sleep apnea. In fact, doctors list smoking as one of major risk factors that can cause and also greatly interfere with sleep apnea treatment. Even the best sleep apnea machines cannot completely help reduce increased inflammation caused by smoking. If you suffer from sleep apnea, quit smoking immediately and enjoy your sleep with quality sleep apnea machines for sale you can find here.


Boost Fertility – If you’re trying to get pregnant, stop smoking. You’ll significantly increase your chances of conception. Recent studies showed that women who smoke are three times more likely to have fertility problems. This is because harsh components of cigarettes and smoke affect ovulation process, increase chances of having miscarriage, cause considerable damage to your reproductive organs and ultimately your eggs.

Enhance Mood – Smokers are known to be more anxious and are more prone to depression. You may think that lightning up a cigarette eases your anxiety when in fact it stresses your body and mind even more. Thus, if you want to boost your mood and feel happier, quit smoking.