Reasons to organize your network gear

organize your network

If you struggle with a pile of cables and wires behind your TV stand or work desk, you are definitely not alone. Welcome to the club of network gear users. Luckily, there is a solution to your problem. Here are few reasons why you should organize your networking equipment and have a stress-free day.

Untangle Your Cables – Do you know which cable connects to which network device? If not sure, then it’s time to get organized. This will not only make your work desk look neat, but will help you detect a problem promptly. Avoid the situation where you’ll have to unplug all the cables just to have certain device removed, replaced or taken for repair. Make sure power cables are separated from signal cables such as USB and RCA audio in order to avoid excessive electromagnetic interference. To avoid this, use various data products such as color-coding cables or label them with bread clips.

Extend The Life Of Your Network Gear – When dealing with network equipment, you must be extra cautious in order to avoid accidental spills of coffee or any other soft drink. Prevent possible spills by organizing your equipment with data center racks. They provide more space and easy access to the equipment. Organized equipment last longer. Thus, invest in quality data network products to ensure long life of your gear. Data racks are great as they allow energy efficiency retrofit, since they separate hot air from the cold one at the end of the aisle. Data products are designed to help organize, store and secure your technology equipment

Increase Productivity – It is known that organized working space equals increased productivity. Why is that so? Because the time you’ll spend wondering where which cable to plug in, which device needs to be used or replaced, you can invest it in focusing on more important things such as completing projects and meeting deadlines. Data center products are perfect for organizing your networking equipment and focusing on the growth of your business.

Acquire New Clients – The first thing people notice when entering an office is how organized it is. If your office looks messy, potential clients will think the same of your work and may hire other professional. Use data networking products to organize your workspace, acquire new clients and increase revenue.