Reasons to Invest in an Induction Portable Cooktop

One cannot simply overstate the various benefits of using an induction portable cooktop. Add mobility to the equation and you’ve got yourself a picture-perfect cooking convenience. There are several main reasons that make it crystal clear why such investment is nothing but convenient and advantageous.


Energy Saver

With an induction portable cooktop you save a lot of energy because this small kitchen appliance thanks to high-frequency electromagnet only heats the area of the cookware. Moreover, once you remove the cookware from the burner, it almost instantly cools down, unless you press the option ‘keep warm’. And because it does not warm the room where you’re cooking, the energy waste is somewhat equal to zero.


You’ve already heard about other fast cooking options, but when it comes to induction cooking, ‘fast’ embodies a rather different dimension. Since the cooktop utilizes a magnet that is focused on the cookware you’re using only (nothing less, nothing more), for instance, in literally half a minute, you can have boiling water.

Easy Maintenance

Since the whole surface is not being heated, but only the area occupied by the pan you’re cooking in, pieces of food that will inevitably find their way out of the cookware, will not stick to the surface (for the surface is cool). Also, since food has no place to hide, baked-on stains cannot be avoided. Or can they. With the induction portable cooktop, the never ending scrubbing and rinsing activities are over and done.


It’s not a secret that children enjoy tactile sensation, and their interest in this activity seems to double whenever it has been prohibited by parents or the guardians. The stove can be a very dangerous curiosity trigger, however, by using an induction portable cooktop you needn’t worry. As we’ve previously mentioned, the surface around the cookware is cool even while you’re cooking, and should your child touch the cooktop after it’s just been put away, still, chances for major burns are significantly diminished. All thanks to the ability of the cooktop to cool in less than a minute after you’ve put the cookware away.

Finally, by getting an induction portable cooktop you’re creating more free time for yourself; you’re lowering your power bills and you get to be good to the environment. And of course, you can take this little piece of awesomeness wherever you go and enjoy fast, time saving meals or hot drinks, while creating a more child friendly cooking time and a healthier environment for all of us.