Reasons To Invest In An Emergency Shower Station

Emergency shower and eyewash stations are extremely important for any workplace where staff deals with harsh chemicals on a daily basis. An eye wash and emergency shower station provide workers with on-the-spot decontamination, allowing them to flush away hazardous substances that can cause serious health and physical problems.

emergency shower station

Unfortunately, accidental chemical exposures can happen even when best safety precautions are implemented. This does not mean bad safety management. However, it does mean additional measures need to be taken, beyond the use of safety equipment. According to WHS safety shower regulations, both emergency shower and eye wash stations are a must in a workplace where chemicals are being handled. These are of the utmost importance since designed to minimize the effects and risks of obvious hazard, chemical exposure.

  • Emergency Safety Showers – According to safety shower regulations, an emergency shower station, often referred to as deluge shower is designed to flush the user’s overall body including the head. Emergency safety showers are designed to wash off hazardous chemicals that can splash the skin. One should use large amounts of water to wash away contaminants. An emergency shower station can also be used for flushing contaminants off clothing and in extinguishing clothing fires.

    CAUTION: Shower stations are not designed for flushing eyes due to the extremely high pressure of water flow which can possibly cause damage to the eyes.

  • Eye Wash Stations – These are usually placed in workshops and laboratories to flush off hazardous chemicals off the eyes and whole face. To completely remove chemicals, keep eyes directly in the stream of flushing water for at least 20 minutes before seeking medical help. Remember, knowing how to properly use eye wash stations can save your sight.

Why Investing In Shower And Eye Wash Stations Is So Important?

Since the number of injured workers in industrial environments is continuously growing, emergency shower stations have become a must in all industrial facilities. Today, there are numerous and different types of safety showers in Australia that come with plenty of different functions and features that can increase the overall safety of workers.

Without safety showers, workers are exposed to great risks as a splash of chemicals can lead to severe burns and skin irritations and even blindness. To prevent such work-related injuries, business owners must provide their staff with proper safety equipment including eyewash and emergency shower station. An insufficient number of emergency shower stations or too cold water can lead to a number of serious injuries that otherwise could have been prevented (emergency shower and eye wash stations should be discharging tepid water).