Reasons To Include Creatine in Your Daily Diet

Creatine is most certainly one of the most popular sports supplements in the fitness industry. For over 20 years, the creatine has been one of the most successful, yet one of the most controversial sports supplements. Not all are on the same page when it comes to how, why, when and where this supplement is taken. Before you buy creatine, here is what do you need to know about it and what it can do.

Creatine is an organic compound produced and a combination of three amino acids: arginine, glycine and methionine. An active person produces about 2g of creatine per day, while most people consume an additional amount from chicken, beef, fish and dairy products. Over the years, the benefits of creatine were discovered: increased strength, improved body composition, faster results, faster muscle recovery and so much more. Consequently, creatine is incredibly popular among bodybuilders, strength-athletes, football players, basketball players and field athletes who consume and buy creatine on a regular basis.


Here are few great reasons why you should include creatine in your daily diet.

Fuller, Bigger Muscles

After taking a dose of creatine, you will have more power and will be able to increase your workout intensity. And increased workout intensity equals more muscle mass. This is the most popular reason for including creatine in a daily diet. The creatine helps in increasing the muscles’ water content, which enlarges the muscles and makes them fuller and bigger. Before you buy creatine for bigger muscles, keep in mind that it may cause you to gain few kilograms of water weight.

Faster Muscle Recovery

Besides providing bigger muscles, creatine can help you speed up the muscle recovery. After workout, your muscles feel worn out and you need some nutrients to help them recover faster. There’s no better nutrient than creatine, as it supports the protein synthesis and absorption of all other nutrients you take. Not only post workout, but creating helps you regain your energy after every set of exercise and allows you to push yourself harder with each set. This will help you get more muscle strength and reduce muscle soreness.

Increased Muscle Strength

According to many studies conducted exploring the benefits of creatine, this powerful supplement leads to a major increase in muscular strength. The creatine has significant effects on muscle strength and it will allow you to have more muscle strength for challenging more intense workouts. For bodybuilders, there is nothing better than noticing a muscle growth at the end of each workout or at the end of their short-term goals.