Reasons To Get Your Own Diving Wetsuit Rather than Rent

It’s not a life or death situation if you don’t own everything for diving straight off the bat. We’ve all found ourselves in a situation when we buy all the gear we need to start a new hobby, and later find out we actually don’t find it enjoyable. But it’s common that those who start diving will develop an instant passion for it that makes them hooked for life.


If you too are addicted to the mesmerising underwater beauty of Australia, you might want to start considering buying your very own gear. Of course, it’s better to start with the little things like the mask and fins. However waiting too long or even refusing to buy your own wetsuit makes no sense since there are many reasons an individual one is better than a rental.

More Hygienic

I don’t want to sound disgusting, but it’s a well known fact that divers tend to relieve themselves in their wetsuits. And don’t act naïve like you don’t too. When you are dozens of meters below the surface of the water, the whole sea is your toilet bowl. But even if a wetsuit somehow managed to remain unsoiled, it still has touched the bodies of dozens and dozens of strangers. If you would never wear underwear that was used by another person, why should a wetsuit be any different? And while dive centres clean the rentals after every use, they do so by soaking all of them in one big basin for about an hour and then let them dry. Obviously, this doesn’t kill all the bacteria and you still risk catching a nasty fungal infection from a badly washed suit.

Better Fit

By having the option to choose the material, size and thickness of the wetsuit, you ensure that your diving experience will be as comfortable as possible. A good fitting wetsuit can mould around your body and glue to your skin which is important for preventing water from leaking in. And if a lot of water leaks in, it doesn’t matter how thermo-insulated the suit is, you still have the risk of suffering from hypothermia. The usual areas that let water in are the neck openings. Luckily, wetsuit Australia makers have gotten better at detecting flaws, and have adjusted their designs to be more secure around the openings. And there are also models which entirely eliminate the collar opening by attaching the hood directly on to it. Moreover, rental suits are usually universal for both genders. But if you buy your very own suit you can choose a female or male one. Having a suit that perfectly fits your anatomy can prevent feelings of discomfort around certain areas.

Peace of Mind

Down there, you never know what you may encounter. The sea can be full of sharp objects such as bits of broken shells, shipwreck remains, barnacle-encrusted rocks and all kinds of dinghies people throw in it. Diving with a low-quality wetsuit can make you susceptible to cuts, injuries and stings from the various poisonous aquatic creatures. Because rental centres usually purchase the cheapest types of suits, chances are you won’t get a proper layer of protection.

But by choosing your own wetsuit, on the other hand, you have the ability to pick out a model with greater protection levels. This means you should suit up with the thickest model available that’s also laminated with a protection layer such as Kevlar if you’re planing to swim in potentially dangerous waters. With a thick and secure wetsuit Australia reefs will no longer be a cause of fear. Moreover, by having your own suit, you know for certain whether there are any cuts and tears in it that will expose you to the chilling waters.