Reasons to Get a Mosquito Tent When Camping

While 4×4 touring may not be as comfortable as caravanning, it sure offers a unique adventure that you can’t experience when you’re towing a large caravan. It’s a great way to travel to remote regions in Australia and discover the hidden beauty of our dazzling country. By nature, 4×4 touring is actually an extended adventurous journey that combines the most basic requirements of camping to deliver one of a kind stay in nature. However, before you set out on your thrilling adventure, it’s essential to be equipped with the right equipment.

The pieces of equipment you should have depends on various factors, including the nature of the trip (is it going to be a long trip to a remote area or a short one somewhere nearby) and the available space in your vehicle. Today, there are many camping 4Wd accessories designed to enhance the functionality of vehicles and the main reason to invest in some of them is greater comfort and peace of mind.

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One of the biggest fun intruders when out in nature are definitely mosquitoes. While they are mostly active during spring and summer, there are also species  that remain active all year round, therefore, the chances of mosquito bites are high even during winter, especially when you’re camping in the wild. Why am I taking the time to talk about them? Well, because besides the fact that mosquitoes are very annoying and once they bite you your skin becomes extremely itchy on that spot, they can also transmit a variety of dangerous diseases. That’s why a quality mosquito tent is one of the most important camping 4Wd accessories you should invest in before you set out your journey. Here are just some of the main reasons why you should be equipped with one.

Keep bugs at bay
Bites from mosquitoes and other bugs can easily ruin for you what was supposed to be a fun adventure in the wild and you certainly wouldn’t want to spend all day in your vehicle just to avoid them. This is where the mosquito tent comes to the rescue – it’s made from quality materials and works great with most vehicle awnings. The tent is designed to keep mosquitoes and other bugs from bothering you, letting you to fully enjoy the outdoors without worrying that you will return home with bites all over your body.

Create a comfy seating area
Since mosquito tents are designed to fit different types of awnings, they are ideal for extending your comfort on the campsite. You can use your tent to create a comfortable seating area where you can relax and unwind with your friends, all while enjoying some fresh air and the wonderful views. Plus, these tents are also designed to provide shade on sunny days.

An outdoor shelter
Mosquito tents come in a variety of sizes – from big ones that fit over your camping table and chairs, to small ones to fit just one person and a chair. Due to their practical design, they are very easy to set up, so in just a few minutes you can have a shelter outdoors that provides protection against annoying insects and enhances your comfort on the campsite.