Reasons to do vehicle inspections

Vehicle inspections are thorough tests conducted on your vehicle to make sure it operates according to all government safety regulations. Drivers are obliged to do these inspections by law when registering a new vehicle. Moreover, every registered vehicle is subjected to inspection every year or two, depending on the geographical region. However, car inspections are done for other reasons as well. For instance, when it comes to used cars, people usually do pre purchase vehicle inspection to determine whether price reflects the true state of the car offered. Putting aside the fact that vehicle inspection is done periodically, you can always take your car to any inspection facility if you suspect any irregularities.

When people buy used cars, they usually ask about car’s overall condition and driven miles. This common way of determining the state of a car is not reliable since your conclusion on car’s condition is solely based on seller’s credibility. If seller tells you the truth, it’s all good. But having in mind that most car sellers try to hide even the smallest of defects in order to get the best possible selling price, it is best to conduct pre purchase vehicle inspection.

As mentioned above, state laws require vehicle inspections to be conducted in several cases: when registering a new vehicle; before transferring a registration from interstate (never mind the vehicle’s age); before re-registering the vehicle if registration expired or was deleted more than 12 months ago; and if a defect notice is issued. These rules are stated as a broad definition of a vehicle inspection in Australia. You should be aware that they can constantly change over time.

One important aspect of vehicle inspection are emission tests. These tests show if a vehicle is polluting the environment and compare pollution standards with parameters from the results. If car inspection shows negative results the vehicle will be able to take the tests after 60 days. Again, laws differ from state to state and may change over time.

In conclusion, vehicle inspections are preferable even if they are not regulated by law because they increase the selling price of a car and greater life expectancy of your vehicle.