Reasons to Choose Speed Dating


Busy with your new job and promising career? Have little or no time for your social life? And not to mention those overcrowded night clubs and blaring music; handsome studs leaned on sticky bar area fishing for a pray; promiscuous coquettes drawing all the attention for all the wrong reasons. But you just celebrated your 30th birthday and are not in tune with these modern rules of dating game and wish there was an easier way to meet your true one; a place where you can have a real conversation without damaging your vocal cords. Search no more because speed dating is an answer to your prayers.

If you think only the most desperate choose speed dating, you can’t be further from the truth. Growing number of young people are getting drawn to this new way of meeting others and are impressed with its philosophy. And no, they are not weirdos or potential crime offenders. On the contrary, they are normal, good-looking individuals who lead busy lives and just like you have very little time for social life. Moreover, you are not obligated to choose your possible true love on your first speed date nor do you have to stay in contact with any speed daters you meet. However, many claim to have expanded their circle of acquaintances and formed new friendships on one of these gatherings.
Then what are you waiting for? Search on the internet for a speed dating center near you, make an appointment and go get yourself a new flirtatious outfit. Once at the center, you will be given a label with a number and your name on it. Remember you have about 5 minutes for each speeddate interval to introduce yourself and get to know the party sitting across from you. The ring of a bell means the end of each ‘getting to know’ seance and you are allowed few minutes to take notes on your speed date. Ladies remain seated and guys move around until you have met all eligible singles and maybe have made possible choice for your soul mate.
Now aren’t these reasons enough to at least try speed dating. No more hackneyed pick-up lines, awkward phone calls or embarrassing blind dates at your parent’s Christmas party. With speed date, there are no ‘around the bush’ conversations and you decide who you’d like to see again. Be advised that you will be matched only with the attenders you choose and have chosen you. Therefore, be sure to make the right election because you never know who is your prince charming.