Reasons To Buy Travel Cpap Machines

Travel Cpap Machines

If you have recently been diagnosed with sleep apnea, your doctor most likely prescribed ceratin cpap device to help prevent symptoms and improve your sleep. CPAP devices may not be the most comfortable to use, but are necessary and you should get used to them and implement them in your lifestyle. Even when you are traveling for business or pleasure, you still have to carry your travel CPAP machines. One night without your portable CPAP device can put your health at risk. Also, without your portable CPAP device, your daytime symptoms will return and you will feel tired, irritated, sleepy and anxious. There are several important things you should know about your portable CPAP machines:

  • Use your CPAP machine even when traveling. Purchase a quality travel CPAP machine.
  • If you stop your CPAP treatment even for a day or two, sleep apnea symptoms will definitely come back.
  • All airlines will allow you to use your portable CPAP machine on a plane, if you ask. Airlines usually have experience with OSA patients and is less likely that they’ll make any problems. To be safe, have a letter from your specialist in case you run into problems with airlines or customs.
  • Yes, high altitude may affect your travel CPAP device, but is worth a try.
  • You can use your travel CPAP machine without a battery for up to 8 hours.
  • Travel CPAP machines are easily damaged, so handle with care. Make sure your CPAP is stored properly and safely to prevent any damage and avoid costly repair or replacement.
  • Consult with your doctor or ask the supplier regarding your travel CPAP machine before traveling.

You Can Use Your CPAP In Other CountriesTravel CPAP machines are great because you can travel with them wherever you go. If traveling abroad though, ask your doctor or a supplier if your portable CPAP machine can be used in different countries. Some machines are able to run on other voltages and some aren’t. In case your travel CPAP device cannot be run on different voltages, make sure you buy a transformer.

Travel CPAP machines Can Adapt To Different Air Pressure – This usually depends on the type of your travel CPAP machine. For example, if you plan to vacation on a mountain where the air pressure is low, some portable CPAP machine may change the pressure or will need to be adjusted while other portable CPAP devices can adapt to different air pressure.

You Can Use Travel CPAP While Camping – If you plan to go camping for a weekend with your family and have concerns with your portable CPAP machine, don’t. You can take your travel CPAP with you and have a great weekend.