Reasons to Buy Pipe Pro Calculator

Working with pipes, installing them and making sure they fit perfectly where they are intended to, is one heavy task to perform. A high level of precision is required and where precision is required, every millimetre counts, so you can’t really afford to be wrong. For that reason, construction workers and engineers on the site can really benefit from using a pipe pro calculator.


The pipe pro calculator is designed especially for that purpose; to help construction workers and engineers with the calculation of certain parameters like: pipe length, pipe wall thickness, offsets and heel dimensions for field cut elbows, drainage drops and other tasks. So, if you are doing any project like a semiconductor, bio-pharmaceutical, or any other type of industrial project, this calculator will definitely make your life a lot easier. Here’s how the pipe pro calculator differs from ordinary calculators, which is why you should choose it for your your industrial projects:

  • The pipe calculator does construction math – construction math is not your ordinary subtraction and addition operations with numbers; it includes a lot more: calculating non-standard angles, fittings, offsets, angle/slope, cos and sin values, travel and similar. If you add to that the fact that each material requires the use of a different formula, the entire work becomes even harder.
  • This calculator works with several materials: stainless steel, steel, aluminium, cast iron plastic and copper. The principle of work in this case is quite simple: you just enter the type of material and the size and you get results for the diameter, wall thickness and weight per foot of the pipe.
  • Mechanics and engineers who need to cross check their plans against site conditions do a lot of math and crunch over formulas and calculations sometimes for entire days. Using a pipe calculator shortens this process a lot. Most importantly, it ensures high accuracy.
  • Besides masters in mechanics and engineering, apprentices can also benefit a lot from pipe calculators. In fact, if your company has an apprenticeship program, incorporating the use of a pipe calculator in the curriculum would be perfect for future experts in the field.

Bottom line, just like there is a financial calculator or a scientific one, there is also a calculator designed to help construction workers. Math is indeed a universal language, but why bother understanding all of its aspects when you can simply learn to manipulate numbers in your own area of expertise? So, instead of troubling yourself doing it by hand, get a pipe pro calculator and conquer complicated math constructions.