Reasons To Buy Compact Track Loader

Compact track loaders, also known as multi-terrain loaders, are versatile machines able to perform any task that requires heavy equipment. They are very similar to skid steer loaders with only one big advantage – the treads of the compact track loaders have a better traction on heavy terrain or in mud. The compact track loaders are reliable and have the ability to perform different things at a job site. Their high performance rate is one of the major factors why they are favored by many. There are numerous new models of compact track loaders for sale on the market manufactured by different brands. Each compact track loaders model is tailored to meet various applications and customers’ needs, which is why choosing the right one can be a bit tricky.


Powerful Capabilities – When you first look at the size of the compact track loader, you may be skeptical about its power capabilities. But, high power capability is one of the main reasons why you should buy a compact track loader. Usually, it has a horsepower-to-weight ratio, but today, many manufacturers use direct-drive motors that produce stronger lifting and pushing forces, faster transportation speeds and improved maneuverability. The hydraulic power capacity is yet another of the many features, but is optional.

Lifting Capabilities – Although lifting capabilities vary with each model size, all compact track loaders have an incredible lifting advantages. The larger track loaders are designed with a higher rated operating capacity, which allow them to easily handle heavier loads. Before choosing a compact track loader, decide whether you want it to be equipped with a vertical lift path or a radius lift path. The radius lift path raises the load in an arc providing maximum reach at truck bed height, while the vertical lift path provides higher lift capacity and more reach.

Supports Various Attachments – The compact track loaders support a variety of attachments, depending on the task. Whether a vibratory plow or a trencher, it is an important factor you should consider before getting a compact track loader. Although, at first you may think that attachments are not important, in time you will come to different understanding. For example, if you are using you loader for site preparation, box blades, soil conditioners, dozer blades, land-planes and tilers can be useful fleet additions.

Able To Operate On Any Weather Condition – The compact track loader can operate under any weather condition, dry or wet, smooth or rough, etc. It is useful for any period of the year, which definitely makes it the favorite machine in the construction industry. All types of compact track loaders are capable of getting the job done without any damage.

Incredible Mobility – The size of compact track loader allows it to perfectly fit at any job site, even in the smallest places. The narrow tracks provide better traction and maximize the ground pressure and traction on hard surfaces or slippery ground as well. For working in wet, sandy or muddy condition, the operators should consider a compact track loader with wider tracks for lower ground pressure and increases floatation.