Reasons to buy carpet cleaning equipment

Living in a house cannot compare to living in a small apartment. Considering that even small houses have at least 4 rooms, cleaning those rooms in one day can be quite a challenge if you don’t own right equipment. We are not talking about dusting shelves and vacuuming, but about more difficult tasks like cleaning carpets.

Carpets are a part of any household and require special attention when it comes to cleaning them. Many working parents know exactly how hard it is to clean those stubborn food stains and growing number of them are either buying special carpet cleaning equipment or leaving this job to professional cleaners. However, there is still a large number of house owners who clean carpets the old fashion way and feel that carpet cleaning equipment is too expensive and that large companies are overcharging for this simple service. They believe they can do a better job than any cleaning machine available on the market today. But is this really true. Let’s talk facts.


Up until recent years, professional carpet cleaning equipment was available for commercial use only, mostly due to high price. Another reason why they weren’t available for residential use was their size and the fact that they were very noisy. But, this was twenty years ago. With recent developments in technology, carpet cleaners are reduced in size drastically and can only be heard in the room you are using them. Competition among cleaning machines manufacturers is great, which is why there are many different models available at different price. In general, these machines are not too expensive and can be bought on special discounts, if you are lucky enough.

Easy to use

A standard carpet cleaning machine is as easy to use as a vacuum cleaner. All you need is the right detergent and a power source. However, you should be aware about the temperature of the water/foam mix, because carpet fibers are made of different materials – some which can be easily damaged with hot water.

Choice of different types of cleaning

Beside the most common type of steam carpet cleaning equipment, there are several other types that are offered by retailers and manufacturers. Apart from water based mechanisms, carpet cleaning equipment can be based on dry cleaning also. More specifically, dry carpet cleaning rely on fast and very low moisture cleaning systems or shortly VLM systems. Their efficiency is reflected through the fast drying time, an advantage that some commercial cleaning companies have acknowledged and promoted among many households.