Reasons to Buy an Inversion Therapy Table

If you’re someone who suffers from back pain, then you’ve probably looked for all types of pain relieving products in order to make everyday life more bearable. Personally, most conventional back pain relieving methods don’t do it for me. A posture harness is alright, but the pain is still there at the end of the day. A massage helps, sure, but it can get quite expensive. But one of the more unconventional devices that helped me sleep better at night, align my spine and reduce pressure off the back is the inversion table.

inversion therapy table

Inversion therapy is a technique used by athletes and common back-pain-sufferers as well. You’re basically suspended upside down and your spine is stretched, thus relieving back pain and providing better traction for the spine. So if you’re someone who has chronic lower back pain, scoliosis, sciatica or poor circulation, this is definitely something worth trying. But there’s a big difference from one inversion therapy table to another, and it’s important you pick one that’s made right, otherwise you might worsen the pain and get some negative side-effects.

The materials the table is made of shouldn’t be anything else than high-quality steel. There are a lot of cheaper, plastic-made models which can pose a safety hazard, which you should avoid like the plague. The frames of the table can be either static or foldable. The foldable models are the better solution for home use, as they don’t take up space when not needed. Most frames specify the maximum and minimum weight for the people who use it and there are some models that specify maximum and minimum height as well.

Furthermore, the table itself should have ergonomic features, like comfortable back pads, adjustable clamps and a comfortable head rest. The adjustable clamps will help you secure your ankles when sitting on the platform. The comfortable back pads can either be thin or thick and usually, thicker is more comfortable, allowing you to rest face up and face down.

The benefits of using an inversion therapy table are numerous, the most notable ones are: reduced back pain, improved spinal health, improved flexibility and back pressure relief. All you have to do is spend a couple of minutes on it at a couple of different angles, and you’ll experience an improvement on your back in a matter of weeks. Moreover, you’ll get better torso strength and flexibility, as micro movements in the spine over time can help make the body stronger.