Reasons to Bring Scandinavian Style Into Your Home office

Solid Timber Desk

You might not have the decision-making ability when it comes to the way your cubicle at the office looks, but when it comes to your home working environment, all bets are off. And this is great news, especially if you are fortunate enough to be your own boss, meaning you’re always in charge of not only your hours, but your office style as well.

Speaking of designing a home office that works for you, may I make a suggestion? Scandinavian! Why? Simply because it’s a look that works great in professional environments without being too rigid. It’s for everyone who’s a fan of minimalist design schemes and light colour pallets. If you want to give your working space a sense of structure and refinement, going Scandinavian is a beautiful way to do so without having to spend a lot of money.

Minimalistic, tasteful and above all functional are the key characteristics that define Scandinavian style. The minimalistic setting and focus on function is what makes this style so great for offices. Throwing a glimpse at a Scandi-office, you’ll notice how the furniture takes centre stage while décor is kept to the minimum and carefully selected. The Nordic furniture design is all about clean and simple lines, neutral colours and natural wood. Because of this, a solid timber desk is always going to be in.

The most time you spend in your office is going to be in front of your computer, so choose a working station that’s functional as well as durable. A couple of small drawers under it for pens and notebooks, and enough of leg space will make you fell comfortable while working the night away. Concerning material, a solid timber desk will be robust and unmoving without the annoying wobbling that you tend to experience with plastic ones. Knick-nacks and clutter have nothing to do there. A clean desk helps keep a clear and focused mind.

Even though this style calls for simplicity, it doesn’t have to mean your office will be boring. Bring a touch of vibrancy to your furniture with a colourful desk chair. A clean and classic solid timber desk with a neat, funky chair coveys professionalism while still reminding you that you’re in the comfort of your own home. If you’re not into colourful seating, feel free to spice the chair up with some throw pillows in fun patterns. Not only will you satisfy the style’s demand for comfort, but you’ll also get to have a cosy support for your back.

Solid Timber Desk 2

A blank canvass inspires one to unleash his creativity, and so do blank, white walls. Crisp white is the colour of choice for the backdrop of Scandinavian design. In the work space this makes perfect sense – it relaxes the eyes and does not causes any distractions. In other words, the perfect atmosphere to be productive. The rest of the colour palette should consist primarily of soft tones such as cream, pale blue, peach, cool grey and other muted colours.

This style can’t get enough of light, so always keep your desk close to the window. This will not only adhere to the style’s principles, but will also provide you with plenty of natural light which helps you concentrate better. If you find that you’re lacking in natural light, a desk lamp will not only be a good light source but can also be just the right way to spice up your desk décor game.

Styling an office the Scandinavian way seems to work like a charm for boosting productivity. Trust me not? Then why are Scandinavian countries always leading the list of the most productive countries  in the world? It just has to do something with interior design, right?