Reasons Companies Choose Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail

Do you know why growing number of companies use direct mail marketing to promote new product or execute a successful marketing campaign? Why many of them turn their back to the on-line marketing? You’re probably thinking that in today’s era of smart phones, computers and internet, direct mail seems as a bad marketing approach compared to the advantages and low cost of internet marketing. However, more businesses are returning to this, as some would put it, ‘prehistoric’ mean for retaining current and attracting new customers because of its many benefits. So what’s so great about direct mail marketing? Well, it must be the fact that it addresses three main concerns most commonly expressed by businesses:

Flexibility – Direct marketing is a flexible way of advertizing a new product or an offering on existing products. You can promote your service to the targeted group of customers only. To be more specific, if your product is intended for older audience, you can mail your flyers to them only. Since personal information people leave on-line is not at all accurate, you’ll not be able to categorize your clients in specific groups and thus, your promotional offerings will be seen by all your customers. With direct mail marketing all you need to do is decide on your target audience, make a mailing list and process your brochures in a bulk mail format. Or you can go with a mail house option that many 3PL companies offer. These companies will process your flyers or brochures from beginning to the end. They will process your data, print the articles and envelopes and deliver them to your customers.

Affordability – Contrary to many beliefs, direct mail marketing is affordable. If you plan on printing and sending a lot of articles, you’ll be eligible for a discount that Australian post offers. Moreover, the fact that all of your customers will actually read your offer and majority will take advantage of it which will consequently boost your revenue numbers, makes this marketing strategy very cost-effective. Contrary to direct mail, internet marketing does not guarantee that all of your customers will read your promotional e-mail. With growing concern over spam and virus e-mails, many customer will most likely just ‘trash’ your e-mail.

Efficiency – Many businesses are mostly concerned with how efficient their marketing campaign will be. With direct mail marketing you’ll have one less thing to worry since it is very efficient way of advertisement. Regardless of how high-tech we’d like to be, we are still responding more to things that we can visualize and touch. Same notion applies to direct mail. People will most likely respond to your marketing campaign if they can see it and feel it. With mail house service you’ll achieve exactly that. Your well designed and eye-catching articles will arouse interest in your customers which will result in sales increase which automatically means that your marketing campaign was effective.

Therefore, when planning your next marketing strategy, have direct mail marketing in mind. Direct communication with your customers is a key element to your overall business success. Take advantage of mail house service today and prosper. Many 3PL companies offer various direct mail services and one of them is