Reasons a Fence-Mounted Mailbox May Be the Perfect Fit for Your House

A residential mailbox’s main purpose is to keep all of the homeowner’s mail secure in one location and protected from the weather. Modern residential mailboxes, on the other hand, may also add value to your property by increasing curb appeal, and even serve as an extension of your home and personality.

There are a variety of mailboxes available on the market, so be sure to thoroughly assess your requirements. One option you may want to consider is a fence mounted mailbox as it’s a type of designed to be attached to the fence that surrounds the property. It can be installed on the gate or near the gate on a brick, steel, or wood fence. Homeowners choose a fence letterbox because it is:

Available in a Range of Styles

Different style fence letterbox

Nowadays, you can find fence-mounted mailboxes ranging in various forms, sizes, and styles to complement your house and be ready for the mail you expect to receive. You could opt for a traditional Victorian mailbox or it could be a more modern form made of cast aluminium or brass.

A bespoke letterbox could be an excellent choice since it can be made to fit your specific needs. If you pick a timber fence mounted mailbox for example, you may have the wood panel delivered raw so that you can paint, stain, or oil it to match your home. You may also customize the wood finish. Your home number can be incorporated into the design, and any other particular requirements can be handled with the vendor.

Less Invasive

Non invasive fence letterbox

Some individuals like to have their mail brought to their door; others dislike the idea of having strangers on their porches. If you’re in the latter category, you’d undoubtedly enjoy having a fence-mounted mailbox. The mailman will not have to enter your gate to deliver your letters and goods because the mailbox is on your fence.

Offers Optional Key-Locking

Secure letterbox

Although there have been reports of mail theft using this type of mailbox, contemporary fence mounts have been improved to enhance mail security. For added protection, newer versions feature a back door that can be secured with a key. Furthermore, because it is now frequently composed of galvanized steel, it is more resistant to impact damage by neighbourhood vandals.

How to Choose a Fence-Mounted Letterbox?

Make Sure it’s Resistant to the Elements

You’ll want your investment to last a long time and withstand a range of weather situations. A mailbox that rusts readily will have poor structural stability, resulting in the loss of your mail. Accoya wood is an excellent choice for your mailbox. It consistently outperforms tropical hardwoods and treated timbers, making it the best eco-friendly alternative for Australia’s tough environment.

Check the Dimensions of the Box

Your letterbox should be able to accommodate the sort and quantity of mail you regularly receive. A small to medium-sized mailbox, for example, may be suitable if you get an average volume of mail. If you get a considerable volume of mail or packages on a regular basis you may want to consider a bigger mailbox with additional storage space. When weighing the many product options, make sure to include everyone who gets mail at your home.

Invest in Quality

Accept no substitutes or imitations when purchasing your mailbox. The use of high-grade and original components ensures the robustness and security of excellent mailboxes. You’ll encounter a variety of low-cost mailboxes on the market, but remember that you get what you pay for. Look for mailboxes that include only high-quality components to keep your mail safe and your mind at ease.

Check the Regulations in Your Area

Check your neighbourhood’s rules and mail laws before selecting your mailbox. Before putting a mailbox in a new place, check with your local postmaster to confirm that it is correctly situated and installed.

How Do You Install a Fence Mounted Letterbox?

Fence letterboxes are affixed to the inside of the fence, with the post put through the railings into an opening for the mail. The mailbox is secured to a fence using sturdy bars that are custom-made to fit the measurements of your fence railings.

When installing your mailbox, make sure it’s accessible. This is crucial during severe weather and for the convenience of the postal delivery worker who is delivering your mail. While your new fence letterbox may be built to withstand harsh weather, getting the mail during such conditions requires you to do the same. It makes no sense to invest in a high-quality mailbox that keeps your mail dry when getting it results in soaking wet mail due to a bad mailbox position.

Remember that there will be days when you are looking forward to receiving the mail or just want to know if the mail has been delivered without having to open your front door. As a result, it’s advisable to position your fence mailbox at a spot where you can see whether or not the mail has arrived.