Reasons a Comfortable Lounge Area Is Important for Every Office

Do you feel like some of your best ideas usually occur to you when you’re away from your workstation? Maybe you get your stream of inspiration while waiting in line at the coffee maker, or having a casual conversation over the water cooler. If so, you’re not alone. Most of us can agree that it is when we leave our minds to roam free that we are able to think more clearly and creatively.

Since sitting in front of the computer, surrounded by the same four walls does not exactly feel relaxing, it’s important that businesses give their employees an opportunity to move away from their standard work spot. A designated lounge area can allow your workers to unwind, engage in stimulating conversation, and most importantly, move away from the computer screen. As a result, this change of scenery can have wonderful benefits on their creativity, allowing them to take their minds off stress without actually leaving the workspace.

Office Lounge Area

To create a relaxed lounge area that feels inspiring to employees, first of all, you need to start with the right seating. As opposed to rigid work desks and chairs, soft office seating can give employees the chance to take a more laid-back approach to their tasks and get their creative energy flowing. The key is to create a cosy, homey atmosphere. So, consider adding upholstered sofas, tub chairs with high backs, ottomans, and other furniture that could easily fit in a living room.

Not only does a lounge area help employees unwind, but it also encourages socializing. Just think about it. Instead of waiting for the next team meeting to discuss an issue, employees can have a quick yet insightful talk every day over coffee or a snack. And this is really efficient as you’re end-of-the-month meetings won’t have to last that long and be overwhelmed with information. What’s more, lounge areas can bring together workers that are separated by physical barriers such as cubicles. The fact that your employees socialize with each other can help boost the team spirit and encourage collaboration.

Creating a designated lounge area doesn’t necessarily require you to fit out a separate room. You can achieve the same effect within the office room itself simply by bringing in a coffee table with a sofa and a couple of tub chairs. The addition of greenery is also a nice touch to a bland workplace for many reasons. Having something refreshing to look at can reduce stress and boost creativity. What’s more, we all know that plants can improve air quality which is a common problem in spaces shared by a large number of people.