Patisserie: What it Takes to Make it Work

For a person with a sweet tooth, a trip to the patisserie is like a trip in Disneyland. It’s the magical place of delicacies that invites you in with both the looks and taste. Looking at it from a business perspective, the bread and bakery industry segment generates a revenue of up to US$5.919m only this year.

commercial pastry equipment

Though compared to other markets, like that of the US and Germany, for example, it’s considerably less, it’s still expected to grow annually in the following years by at least 2.1% so it’s a promising industry, including for small businesses like opening up your own patisserie.

Since it can be competitive, to be able to stand out from the rest and attract the customers, you have to start from the basics such as acquiring the adequate commercial pastry equipment from ingredient dosing to depositor and mixer, along with the ovens, refrigerators and display units.

Starting small, you might think you can pull it off yourself to mix and rise the dough and avoid spending money on specialised equipment, but eventually you’d see that it’s the kind of investment necessary to move forward with your business.

The commercial pastry equipment you can find nowadays is designed with latest technology, so there’s no doubt the right pieces can improve your efficiency, and where there’s more productivity there are bigger profits.

Likewise, you can’t expect to succeed unless you’re willing to keep up the pace with the demands. While traditional pastries are unlikely to disappear anytime soon, because there are those of us wanting the pastry full package and by this I mean flour and sugar packed, we can’t deny the patisserie industry is undergoing changes.

This is due to the fact there are more healthy trends emerging like low carb, low sugar and gluten free, so if you want to attract a wider customer range, appealing to the palate of everyone, it’s advisable to come up with healthier baked goods too, enriching your menu with gluten free and low carb delicacies.

Another strategy in moving forward is going green. There’s been a lot of talk lately about the why and how of being sustainable, and great news is your business can be sustainable too and flourish more at that while not harming the environment.

The ways to do so are thinking of buying fresh local ingredients, so they’re tastier and wouldn’t need a great deal of transportation, then coming up with strategies in reducing waste and adding water and light fixtures that are efficient.