Main Reasons To Use Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal imaging cameras are devices or measuring tools quite similar to standard cameras with a difference that instead of using a visible light (like common cameras do), they operate in wavelengths. Thermal imaging cameras are also called thermographic cameras and infrared cameras. The use of this type of device is called thermography. The images measured by the thermographic camera display the amount of infrared energy that is being transmitted and reflected by an object. Infrared cameras are most commonly classified in two main categories: 


  • Thermal Imaging Cameras with Cooled Infrared Image Detectors;
  • Thermal Imaging Cameras with Uncooled Detectors. 

Thermal imaging camera is an extremely versatile tech-equipment for measuring conditions that are important for us, but are invisible to the human eye. Let’s take a look at some of their most significant uses.

  • Detection of Insufficient or Improperly Installed Insulation – Thanks to the special function of thermographic cameras, hot and cold spots in the wall due to an incorrect installation can be easily detected. And this is extremely important for homeowners, as obtained results can affect owners’ attempts to reduce the heating costs in winter and cooling costs in summer. This is why it is highly recommended for future home buyers to do the thermographic-camera inspection before purchasing a home. 
  • Detection of Mold Growth and MoistureIntrusion – By indicating cold spots behind a wall, infrared cameras at the same time can indicate potential moisture or water intrusion issues. The use of quality moisture meters can confirm the suspicion of moisture being present behind the wall(s). Do not underestimate the danger of having moisture in your home, because many diseases and health conditions are triggered by moisture. Thanks to these super-effective devices, moisture can be easily identified and problem can be fixed in time. This certainly helps create a safe and healthy living environment for the entire family. 
  • Detection of Loose and Damaged Electrical Components – With time, electrical wiring in a home degrades and in worst cases, it can lead to fire break out. And this is the point of prevention where thermographic cameras call to action. The special infrared light can quickly detect the issues of the various electrical connections (if any), so that owners can act in time and prevent costly repairs.