Lan Cable Tester – Top Reasons To Buy One


Lan cable tester is ideal for testing installed patch cables, wire faults, line polarity and proper cable connections. Lan cable tester helps strengthen the communication between the source and the destination. For example, if you connect your computer and your server with a cat5e or cat6 network cable, then you must use a lan cable tester to see whether the network cable is properly connected to be able to transmit different types of data.

If you want to reduce repair cost and improve network reliability, then consider buying a lan cable tester. You will be able to fix problems before they cause a greater damage. A data cable tester ensures there is no interference from outside sources that can decrease signal strength and cause a loss of data. This simple device is essential for terminating cable connectivity issues when network problems show up. Here are some of the top reasons why you should get one.

  • Lan cable tester is a pocket-sized device that is easy to carry around. Manufacturers produce simple and small-in-size lan cable testers, without sacrificing on the important display information. A data cable tester is handy, convenient and light enough to carry with you to on-site locations.
  • Every IT technician should own a lan cable tester. This pocket-sized device is an essential tool for identifying and eliminating problems with malfunctioning cables. You will save valuable labor time, as you can read the actual wiring configuration and immediately spot cable faults.
  • Lan cable tester tests cables over large distances as well. You will be able to identify cable problems even in places that are not easy to access. The maximum testing length is up to 900 meters, so you can test for open circuits and cross wiring, without the need to travel from one end of the connection to the other.
  • Technicians choose lan cable testers because they have easy to read LCD display. LED’s lights turn on when users connect the cable with a data cable tester. The order of the lights indicates whether particular cable is working or not.
  • Cable testers are ideal for testing both shielded and unshielded cable. This device can automatically identify cable types and determine whether your cable is good to go or ready to throw.