Know Your Spec Wise Reasons for Buying a Certain Flashlight

One of the most essential pieces of outdoor equipment are flashlights. Regardless whether you’re on your merry way into the wilderness or you’re more of an underwater explorer type of adventurer, a super flashlight will take you a long way and help you find what you’re looking for, whether it’s a rare type of animal or just enjoying what nature has to offer you in her rawest form, like an underwater cave.Super Flashlight

A super flashlight will come in handy when you get deeper into your dive, as it will keep getting darker and the sun’s natural light will be basically non-present. You’ll eventually get to a point of complete darkness, unless you have your trusty super flashlight with you, that is. Super torches can also be used to communicate with your fellow crew members and get their attention when exploring the underwater depths.

The basic things you should be looking for when purchasing a super torch are angle of light beam, weight, battery life and lumens. The latter two are the more important factors to consider, and since we are talking about super torches, the two contradict each other, as a lot of lumens spent significantly requires more battery power, so you’ll have to really pay attention to the relation the two have in the torch you buy.

The angle of light beam and weight are also important, but not as important as the aforementioned two. Depending on the angle of the beam the torch illuminates, torches fall into two categories – narrow and wide beams. The more narrow the light beam is, the more concentrated the illuminated light is on one spot. On the other hand, illuminating widely spreads the beam over a larger area, which is in some situations better, like lighting up larger areas.

For whatever reason you may use a torchlight, you can’t ignore its weight, as you’ll most likely be holding it in your hand for prolonged periods of time, which can tire you. This may be less true about underwater exploring, because you know – physics. However, even if you have to transport it from your home to the shore, you’ll still feel its weight.

And last but not least, make sure it’s made from sturdy materials like aluminium or stainless steel, or at least be coated by some type of durable and watertight alloy. It should be corrosion resistant and it should be able to take a fall without completely breaking from heights of about 1 or 2 meters.