Klaxon Signalling Solutions: Prevent Injury or Fatalities in Case of Emergencies

Recent stats on workplace safety have shown the number of fatalities and injuries sustained at the workplace is steadily rising. Unfortunately, this is to be expected with the participation rate and overall employment figures also on the rise, but also the disregard for mandatory safety procedures and protocols. An overwhelming majority of fatalities occurred among men, and serious injury claims were also made by men. The industries with the worst figures included agriculture and forestry, construction, manufacturing, mining and transportation.  

Though not all areas can implement timely and efficient communication methods in cases of emergencies on the company grounds, industries are mandated by law to install signalling devices that are operational during such occurrences. These are used to convey messages about the operating status of various machinery, manufacturing lines and industrial equipment. With precaution and safety procedures in place, along with the right signalling methods and equipment, injuries or fatalities should and must be avoided.  

There is a range of signalling devices used both on public and private company premises to visually and audibly alert employees and visitors of potential danger. Klaxon signalling devices have become an eponymous name in the field. After all, a ‘klaxon’ was a loud horn used in the first road vehicles. Klaxon Signals today is a specialist in signalling devices used in fire evacuation, mass notification and of course industrial signalling. 

Types of Industrial Signalling Devices  

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Klaxon signalling devices used in industrial settings can be divided into sounders, beacons, combined sounder beacons, voice sounders, hazardous equipment devices (including bells and buzzers) and sirens.  


Industrial sounders are found on various equipment and facilities in manufacturing, mining and warehousing. They are typically installed on large equipment like cranes, machinery and production lines, as well as vehicles to alert employees and bystanders of the presence of such equipment. Klaxon sounders produce up to 32 different tones, and sound at different loudness levels with variable volume controls. There are AC and DC variants that work within different voltage ranges. These are heavy-duty electronic industrial sounders. They are weatherproof, can be operated in extreme temperatures, and are flame retardant. Klaxon sounders come as shallow or deep base designs, are easy to set up and suitable for a range of applications.  


Industrial beacons are designed to provide visible light at large distances. Beacons have either an LED or Xenon light array, and enclosures that maximise the spread of light. The base comes in different profiles and colours, and there are numerous variations of lens and enclosure combinations. Buyers can choose between clear, red and amber. Like sounders, beacons are built to an industrial standard, are easy to install and operate. There are AC and DC variants.  

Sounder Beacons 

Klaxon sounder beacons combine a visual and audible warning in case of emergencies. If workers are prevented from hearing a sounder, say due to protective headphones or environment noise, they will be warned by the beacon. Similarly, if they cannot see the light from the beacon, as other objects are in the way, they’ll hear the sound from the sounder beacon. This is a versatile warning device to alert employees of possible danger in any critical situation. Needless to say, they come with the same features in separate beacons in terms of light arrays and enclosures, and the volume controls, loudness levels and tone combinations of separate sounders. Sounder beacons have somewhat larger dimensions than both individual units but the same heavy-duty build.  

Voice Sounders 

Voice messages can be relayed in addition to an alert tone. This helps to clear confusion as to the type of emergency. Klaxon voice sounders can send a synchronised set of up to 7 programmed voice messages, or a message for a specific location or situation in addition to the audible alert. A USB interface is used to download any recorded message from a PC. Voice sounders can also be equipped with beacons for heightened alertness.  

Hazardous Equipment Devices 

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Klaxon also makes warning signals for potentially explosive environments and extreme conditions, particularly mines. The equipment here features sounders and beacons that have a reinforced build and will function no matter what happens. Glass fibre reinforced plastics make up the outer shell and has ample impact protection. There are also bells and buzzers which can penetrate any background noise, so are appropriate in noisy areas.  


Sirens are either motor or hand driven. Motor-driven sirens are small lightweight warning units that work on low voltage DC or high voltage AC power. They can emit a piercing sound of up to 127 decibels, roughly the loudness of an aircraft engine during takeoff. Different designs can be used in different settings. Hand driven sirens are used in places where there is no power supply, like newly-established construction sites or in camping grounds. They operate by turning a crank, with sounds getting louder with each turn. These can reach loudness of 106 decibels.  

Klaxon signalling equipment is built tough and in a range of features to suit the setting. They are battery or mains powered, have reinforced housings and flexible design options and are easy to install and operate. Their timely visual or audible alerts in cases of emergencies and unfavourable conditions at the workplace allows employees to clear to safety without the risk of injury.