How to Reduce Litter Box Odour

Living with a pet means living with their smell. Even though cats are one of the cleanest creatures that we can share our home with, odours can sometimes buildup. This is especially true in small spaces where air cannot circulate that well. Usually, the biggest problem is the litter box. Even if it doesn’t bother you, it can be embarrassing if you’re frequently having friends over. Here are some tips to help you fight the stink and keep your cat happy.

Get the Right Litter Box for Your Feline

If your cat littler box is too small, your cat won’t be able to bury their business as well as they would like. This will result in the urine and faeces being exposed to the air releasing unpleasant odours. So, always make sure that your cat has enough room to move around when they are done. A good rule of thumb you can use when choosing a litter box is that it is at least twice as long as your cat and as wide as the cat is long. Keep in mind that a lot of cats dislike plastic liners, which can get caught on their claws when they are digging, leading to leakage.

Add a Cat Litter Filter

Carbon filters have the ability to absorb odours and bacteria inside the box. Placing these filters inside a litter box can allow the carbon to absorb stench from the air escaping, providing a more fresh-smelling air in your home.

cat litter filter

When shopping for cat litter filter, look for models that have high-quality carbon-impregnated polyester, which actively removes the odours. This type of filter traps the smell passing it through the carbon pad’s large surface area, helping keep the litter box smelling fresh. Not only your cat, but your friends, family and neighbours will love the fresh-smelling cat litter box. Litter filters generally come in boxes containing 2 easy-to-install carbon filters. This means when the first one is out, simply place the next one. When it comes to how often to change little box filter, typically every three to fours months depending on how often your cat use the littler box.

Some littler boxes come with slots in the cover for inserting the cat litter box filter. In order to fit these slots, the filters need to be in the form of cassettes with a plastic frame can carbon placed between two pieces of sheer material. The filter can also be used on air purifiers. This technology is an effective method for eliminating cat litter box odour. An air purifier is designed to effectively eliminate many kinds of odours while also cleaning the air in your home of any allergens, dust, mould and smoke.

Choose the Correct Type of Litter

Some cat litters come with added fragrances or other additives that claim to help mask the odour. These perfumes not only carry the smell around but due to a cat’s enhance sensitivity to smell, they can also be overwhelming, which is one of the reasons this type of litter is discouraged. Clumping litter is a good option to consider. This litter allows for the simple removal of both liquid and solid waste, keeping your cat’s litter box smelling fresher for longer. Odour control is all about preventing the formations of ammonia. Some clumping litter performs better on odour control than average natural clumping brands.

cat litter

Keep An Eye on Their Diet

Some cat’s foods, even tasty cat treats, can result in extremely smelly poop. An ingredient that cats can’t digest very well is wheat or grains and this can cause particularly pongy poops. Parasites and bacteria from spoiled or contaminated food can also lead to an increase in odour, so make sure to take your cat to the vet if you notice something abnormal to get them checked out.

cat food

When a cat switches to a new type of food, their tummy may need a bit of time to catch up, whereas an allergy in their food will show as not fully digested and extra smelly. To get to the bottom of this particular problem, vets often recommend an elimination diet.

Keep It Clean

Keeping the litterbox clean is one of the best things you can do to control odour. Ideally, you should remove the clumps from your cat’s litter tray as they appear. Considering the fact that this isn’t always possible, try removing the clumps at least daily. To clean out the litter box, first, remove all the litter. Then, using a cat-friendly, mild and unscented detergent and water, scrub the insides of the tray. Rinse well. Scoop daily.

Choose the Right Location

Keeping the little box in an enclosed area, such as a small bathroom, means the odour will be concentrated. If possible, place your litter box in a large, more well-ventilated area. Just make sure it’s a quiet spot away from your cat’s food that doesn’t get too much foot traffic.

cat filter litter box

Don’t Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is good for a bunch of things, but not to freshen up your cat’s litter box. In fact, it could have the opposite effect and could lead to potential hazards for your cat. If you decide to do a Google search, you will find out multiple arguments for either side. It may be smart to play safe as adding baking soda to your cat’s litter may cause side effects on your feline.