How to Decorate Your Home with Art like a Pro

Art has the amazing ability to transform your home into a unique and captivating environment. Whether you’re an enthusiast or just someone who likes pretty colours, art will find a way to your heart. If you’ve recently moved into your new home, or you want to do something new to the place you’ve lived in for a while, one of the best things is that you get to decorate your space.

Decorating your home isn’t just filling empty walls, you’re infusing your living space with personality and character. It has the power to evoke emotions and sometimes even curiosity. It transforms your abode into more than just a place to live, but also a space where you want to be.

Types of Art

living room decorated with different types of artwork

What are some examples of artwork? Before we delve into all the ways you can decorate your home, let’s first see the types of art that you can use.


They are perhaps the most traditional form of art. They encompass a wide variety of styles, from classical works using techniques like oil on canvas to impressionist paintings and abstract paintings that explore shapes and forms without representing objects. So, there is a style of painting for everyone, regardless of your taste.


Known for their emphasis on storytelling and visual communication, illustrations can be a great addition to your space. They can be used to create personalised art for your home and you can commission an illustrator or pick an already existing work that matches your style and personality.


Another great way to decorate your home is by using photography.
Whether you’d like a landscape or a nice photograph of you or your family, there are so many types of photography you can choose from to make your place feel like home.


landscape artwork placed in the bedroom

A form of art that has slowly made its way into homes lately is the print. It offers you an economical and adaptable means of incorporating artistic flair into your home. Prints come in various sizes and designs. If you want something minimalist and if you want some colour pick something with landscape-like artworks Australia has inspired, depicting nature with the beautiful flora and fauna.


By bringing three dimensions into your décor, sculptures make your space look bigger and better. Depending on your furniture and your style, there are various types of sculptures made from wood, metal, clay or stone and you can either combine or use as standalone pieces.

Choose Art for Each Space

Now that we’ve seen some of the art you can choose to display in your home, let’s see what works where.

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, a place where you should feel most comfortable and at ease, so pick pieces that reflect your taste and transmit calming vibes. Pieces that have claiming colours and depict a landscape or are inspired by nature, such as artworks Australia based artists have produced.

The living room is the place where most gatherings happen, so consider placing a large painting on the wall scattering around some tiny prints or even family photos and putting a sculpture on your coffee table. That way you’ll make your room seem more lively.

If you like spending time in your kitchen, consider putting an art work that you like looking at while you’re baking cookies or drinking your morning coffee. But make sure to put pieces that can get dirty easily from all the cooking area to protect them from splashes.

Another place in the house that is often forgotten is the bathroom. It’s the right place for you to experiment with art and maybe put some quirky pieces that you wouldn’t put in your living room. Or perhaps, if you like taking long bubble baths, consider placing something that will bring some calmness into the space.

Create a Theme

colorful art prints placed above the bed in living room

One of the keys to successful home décor is creating a cohesive theme that ties your space together. Start by selecting a colour palette with vibes you want to transmit. So, if you want your rooms to feel cosy, pick earthy and warm colours like red and brown, but if you want to convey calm and serenity pick something like green or blue.

Make sure that the piece you’ve chosen aligns with the overall décor you’ve chosen for your room. If your home is more modern, pick something minimalist. If it’s more traditional then pick a classical piece that would fit. But, if you want to take a little risk, don’t be afraid to mix it up. A well-placed eclectic piece of art can add character and intrigue to a room.

Discover Your Artistic Side

Decorating your home should make you happy and it shouldn’t be expensive. Sometimes some art pieces can cost a lot of money, but that shouldn’t discourage you. There are many ways in which you can express your creative side to decorate your home.

Consider making your own piece of art. Whether it’s a painting, drawing or maybe you’ve taken a pottery class, don’t be afraid to show it. It will make your home more authentic and it will add a very personal touch. You’ve also at some point taken a picture on your phone that you feel very proud of. Print it and hang it. It will make you feel good knowing that it’s your piece of art that you have created.

If you’ve living in your home for a longer period, rotate your art. There isn’t a rule that says once you’ve placed it somewhere, you can’t change it. Rotating your piece will give your home a breath of fresh air without spending money.

Think Outside the Box

At the end of the day, decorating your home is a deeply personal and creative process that allows you to infuse your living space with your unique style and personality. It doesn’t matter if you live in a big house or a small apartment, decorations and artwork will bring your space to life and will make you more comfortable. Don’t be afraid to experiment with styles and pieces that will make your home feel more like you.