How to Choose the Right Cricket Essentials

Cricket is a technical sport with a long history. It’s known as a game of bat and ball, played around the world, but mostly in India, Pakistan, England and Australia. However, the popularity of cricket is constantly growing and if you are interested in the sport, you surely want to choose a good cricket store and select the good stuff.

Finding the right cricket equipment can be a daunting task at times as there are many things to consider before making a decision. Here are some of the basic things that you should know about different pieces of cricket equipment, which may help you narrow down your options.

Cricket Kit

Every cricket player relies upon his kit for everything, from a practice session to a match. The cricket kit should be based on your height, weight and torso. It contains all the pieces of protective gear as cricket can be a dangerous game if the players don’t take the right precautions. The following are some of the essential things to look for in a cricket store.



Nothing’s more important than protecting your head, especially when you are batting. The helmet you choose should be comfortable and have good ventilation. To ensure high protection, choose a helmet that fits properly, so make sure to pick the right size. Consider its weight as well and choose a helmet that’s lightweight, but offers all the protective qualities required.

Additional features, such as straps and sweat pads can be very helpful as well and make you feel more comfortable when on the field, playing a game or doing a practice session. High-quality chin strips can help you adjust the helmet as you need it and make sure you are safe and protected while playing.

Abdo Guard


Abdo guard is used for protecting the groin region and is essential for the batsmen and fielders fielding closer to them. It’s important to choose an Abdo guard that is comfortable and you can wear it for a longer period.

Leg and Arm Guards


Leg guards are used for protecting the cricket players’ knees and the area below from the impact of a fastball. Make sure to choose the right size of leg guards as larger ones are likely to be an obstacle while running, while smaller ones will not feel comfortable and might not serve their purpose.

Arm guards are an essential piece of your cricket kit, designed to protect your arms from a fastball. Always opt for arm guards that don’t hamper your movements and allow you to play your natural shots.

Chest Guard


A chest guard is part of the cricket kit that is made exclusively to protect the chest area. Even though some believe that a chest guard may restrict your movement, wearing one is always a good idea to prevent you from the ball and to allow you to play the game without any fear of being injured.

Thigh Pads


They are necessary to protect your thighs from injuries and to ensure maximum comfort, choose thigh pads that are made with soft material. A good thigh pad should strap on tightly around your thigh and not bruise your skin as a result of friction.



Gloves protect your hands and wrist from severe injuries. They can provide a firm hold over the cricket bat as well, allowing for a tighter grip and promoting shock absorption while you are picking the shots.



Shoes are some of the most important parts of a cricket kit. Batsmen are always on their feet and they need a quality pair of cricket shoes that fit well, are well cushioned and comfortable. Choose your cricket shoes based on the type of ground you are playing on. For a harder surface, you can go with rubber soles as they build up a good grip. If you are a bowler, you can choose shoes with rubber spikes as they improve traction.



It’s important to choose cricket socks that will keep your feet dry and comfortable. Socks with wicking moisture properties are a great choice for any cricket player out there.



Finally, here comes the bat. It’s fundamental to the cricket game and is the most technical product in this sport. Choosing a cricket bat requires careful consideration and a lot of attention to detail. Typically, cricket woods are made of flat wood and connected to a conical handle. They are available in a range of sizes and to make sure you choose the right bat, select a bat that matches your height. Cricket stores offer a height-to-length chart, so you can find the most suitable bat size for you.

The bat weight can have a huge effect on your game, so choose it carefully as well. Select the bat weight based on your strength as a player, so if you are speedy and nimble, you can go for a lightweight one, but if you are strong and powerful, then a heavier bat might be a better choice for you. Using the right cricket bat can make all the difference in how you will evolve as a batsman and how your game will develop further.



Choosing your cricket kit can be fun, but investing in the best gear doesn’t pay off if it’s not going to be adequately transported or stored. So, don’t forget to choose a cricket bag for carrying your equipment and keeping it safe and protected.