How to Choose Clothing Pegs

Clothespins also commonly known as cloth pegs are necessary pieces for hanging up wet clothes to dry. They are highly useful as they ensure that the clean laundry won’t blow away in the wind or fall off onto the ground and get dirty.

If you are on the market searching for cloth pegs, this article is here to help, as we‘ll offer some useful advice on which factors you should consider when shopping and describe some of the best that can be found on the market today.

What to Look for When Choosing Cloth Pegs?

Material ( Wood, Stainless steel, Plastic )

There are different types of materials used for making cloth pegs, including wood, metal or plastic. The plastic clothes pegs come in a wide variety of colors, designs, and shapes, making it easy to find the ones that suit your taste best. When shopping for these types of clothing clips you need to make sure they are made of high-quality plastic that won’t get easily damaged by the sun and the harmful UV rays.

For this reason, many people prefer to use them to dry their wet laundry inside their homes where they won’t be exposed to different weather conditions and get damaged easily. Another common concern that people have with these items is that they leave very large marks on the clothes especially if the fabric is more delicate. Therefore, it is more advisable for these hardy clips to be used on more heavy clothes, such as towels that can stand up to their strong grip.

metal pegs

Another reason why you might not be a fan of plastic pegs is if you’re an environmentally conscious individual who’s trying to keep their household plastic-free. If this is the case, you may want to go for eco-friendly clothes pegs made of wood or metal.

Wooden clothing pegs such as those made from bamboo are very popular as they can be used both inside and outside without worrying they will get damaged easily as in the case of the plastic ones. However, compared to the plastic they are not able to handle water and if left wet consistently it can cause them to rot and get mildew.

While they are not nearly as popular as the plastic and wooden ones, metal pegs are also very common. The metal ones are generally made from stainless steel. They are of high quality and built to withstand all different kinds of weather conditions. They can be used not only for hanging wet laundry but also for different types of arts and crafts.

Size (Regular, Mini, Jumbo)

Another important factor is choosing the right size. Well, they usually come in three different sizes including regular, mini, and jumbo. The most commonly used are the regular-sized (few centimeters long ), which is considered the perfect size for clipping wet clothes. Since this is the most popular size of cloth pegs it’s very easy to find them in many local and online stores, for a reasonable price.

For people who love art and different kinds of crafts, mini clothespins are the perfect option. Due to their small size, they aren’t very suitable to hold wet clothing as this can cause them to easily break. They are more often used when creating different Christmas ornaments, and other crafting projects, but also can be used as bookmarks or to hold the cords from your phone or tablet.

different sizes of pegs

Last on the list according to size are the jumbo pins which are the strongest ones and the biggest in size. They are generally made out of wood and have a metal spring which allows them enough strength and weight to easily hold heavier items such as towels and bathrobes.


Do you feel dread every time you need to hang up your wet laundry? Well, to be honest, we all get bored with doing the same things over and over especially if there is not any change introduced over an extended period of time. But, by picking out the right design of clothing pegs you can also start to enjoy hanging up your laundry to dry. You can find many cloth pegs featuring different types of designs, colors, and shapes, that are both fun, practical, and functional at the same time and will brighten up your daily laundry routine.

Type (Spring or Traditional)

There are two types of clothespins available on the market today, including traditional and spring designs. Instead of relying on a hinge to hook clothing to a line, this clothing is pushed down over the laundry and the line, which is a beneficial feature for people with arthritis in their hands as they do not need to press to open the clothespin. Besides, if used correctly they won’t leave any cloth marks the way spring clips will.

Spring clips on the other hand have a distinctive hooked U shape, with an extended base attached via a screw. They are often known by the name terry clips and are most commonly made from metal or plastic. They are routinely used in several industries including, construction, clothing and textile manufacturing, agriculture, electrical engineering, and telecommunications. Spring pins are available in multiple shapes, specifications, and diameters suitable for different uses, The most common type of spring type of fasteners are wire spring clips, round spring clips, Circular, heavy-duty, and U-shaped spring clips.

pegs for clothes

Some of the Best Clothing Pegs on The Market

Now that we explained the different features you need to consider when choosing clothing pegs, let’s take a look at some of the best models that can be found on the market today.

Wire Pegs Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs

The Wire cloth pegs are made from stainless steel, and provide a long-lasting solution to pegs that fade, crack, and get easily damaged over a short period of time. They are available in 3 different stainless grades and in a range of various strengths and sizes to suit everyone’s taste.

metal pegs clothes

Go Bamboo Biodegradable Bamboo Clothes Pegs

The Go Bamboo clothes pegs are an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to plastic pegs. They are made from biodegradable bamboo with a degradable steel spring packaged in a recycled cardboard box. As bamboo contain naturally very few tannins ( unlike wooden pegs), it won’t cause any stain on your light-colored clothes. However, keeping them in a dry basket will protect them additionally so they won’t get rusty and moldy from rain or morning dew.

Honey-Can-Do Colored Plastic Clothespins

colorful pegs

Honey-Can-Do Colored Plastic Clothespins are classic, spring-style multi-colored clothespins for laundry or crafting. They feature a strong sturdy design that can hold even rugs on the line. They are bright, colourful, which can really make your laundry routine more enjoyable and fun, Now you can even decide to colour code your clothes, picking different colours for different cloth items. For instance, you can introduce yellow for shorts and sundress, red for your power suits, green for your weekend gear, and blue for your bedtime sheets and pajamas. These clothes pegs are also great for craft time, game time, or when you want to hang a giant rainbow in the sky.

CCINEE 150 PCS Mini Wooden Clothespins

These types of pegs are made from natural wood coated with environmentally friendly wax and metal springs. They feature a heavy-duty construction which is mostly suitable for hanging clothes or doing any craft projects, such as creating gifts, school projects, Christmas tree decorations, home and office embelishments etc. They are cute, lightweight, and multi-useful pieces of equipment suitable for your laundry and crafting projects.