It’s Not a Trend, It’s a Reason: Here’s Why Bamboo Underwear Is a Great Choice for You (And the Planet)

To be honest, as a teenage boy I didn’t always make the best decisions regarding my life, nor did I care about something else besides going out with my friends. But to everyone’s surprise, throughout my late twenties, I somehow changed for the better and managed to improve my day-to-day life and the way I was thinking. I became more aware of certain things – for one, that life is short and we should try to do everything in our power to live it to the fullest, while at the same time do our best to protect the environment and mother Earth.


When it comes to my private life, I do try to spend as much time as possible with my loved ones and take a vacation to a remote place every now and then. Moreover, among the things I started incorporating in my daily routine as a way to help preserve the environment, I think worth mentioning is the fact that I switched to bamboo underwear.

Why? You see, bamboo is more than just the trendy material all your hipster friends are wearing. First and foremost, it is a fast-growing plant and highly renewable resource which uses very little water to grow and it’s free of harmful pesticides. When processed into fibres, there are no health and environmentally dangerous chemicals involved in the process. Unlike synthetic materials, 100% organic bamboo fabric is completely biodegradable.


Furthermore, bamboo underwear is super comfortable to wear – it feels extremely soft to your private parts and it’s also hypo-allergenic and great for people with sensitive skin. Thanks to my mens bamboo underwear briefs that I so love, I forgot all about the rubbing, chaffing and general discomfort that I were experiencing with all the other kinds of underwear.

And the best thing about it is that you get to enjoy this comfort all year round. Unlike most fabrics, bamboo is thermoregulating, which means it adjusts to your body’s temperature – keeping you warm in winter and refreshingly cool in summer. What’s more, bamboo fabric is highly breathable and moisture-absorbent. It absorbs and evaporates sweat almost instantly, helping you to stay dry for longer periods of time. This is just one of the reasons why mens bamboo underwear briefs, socks, and singlets are so popular.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to feel fresh and clean throughout the entire day, right? Just like converting to craft beer or starting watching Stranger Things, once you discover how great bamboo underwear is, you will never want to go back to wearing other materials. Seriously guys, if not for yourselves, just think about your children’s future; if there’s at least one thing you could do to help save the planet, it’s most certainly worth doing it.