Expand Your Verticals: A Few Great Reasons to Explore Australia’s Underwater Worlds

If I had to pick one Disney movie I used to watch at least once every week during my early childhood days, it would have to be The Little Mermaid. I still remember how amazed I was by the vibrant world Ariel grew up in, and how I kept asking my parents to take me to that wonderful underwater kingdom until they finally did (well, at least that’s what I thought back then).


My parents waited until I turned ten to teach me how to use scuba diving gear and take me to Fairlight, which, I must say is the perfect dive site for those who are willing to take the time to look around and explore. Ever since I’ve been seizing every opportunity to visit our country’s most popular dive spots and not once have I had any regrets.

Diving is an extremely exciting and adventurous activity, one that has become very popular lately, however, its popularity shouldn’t fool you into believing that it can be easily done. Knowing how to swim underwater is immensely important, but I’m afraid that simply isn’t enough. I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure that without the right scuba diving gear you won’t be able to have fun nor fully experience the splendor of the depths you’ve chosen to explore.

You can learn from many reputable diving equipment online magazines that nobody should enter a river, a lake, or the ocean without a mask, an exposure suit, and a scuba unit that consists of a tank, a regulator and a buoyancy control device. Some diving experts even advise to use snorkels as well since it reduces the air usage from the tank. When it comes to shopping for these must-have diving pieces, I believe that searching for diving equipment online is the easiest way to gather all of the necessary pieces of information and make a smart choice.


The beauty of Australia’s underwater worlds is breathtaking, which explains why so many people, both Australians and foreigners, choose to visit them. The Great Barrier Reef for example, is only one of the numerous fascinating dive sites in our country. I personally haven’t visited it yet, but those who have say they will never forget the unique sight of parrot fish sleeping in their tailor-made mucous sleeping bags during the night hours.

Another great reason to give Australia’s rich and mysterious depths a chance to mesmerize you is precisely that – the possibility to encounter forms of life you have never seen nor read about before. Diving is an amazing way to learn (more) about Mother Earth’s shyest children. Trust me, it’s an experience you’ll never forget.