Dog Harnesses: Hinder Pulling Without Causing Pain to Your Dog

Having control over your dog while walking him or training him is key for a happy dog and a satisfied owner, and the correct type of dog lead equipment can prove to be very helpful for that particular cause. With collars dropping in popularity, and dog harnesses gaining much more popularity recently (for a good reason), you might come across the issue of picking the correct dog harness for your pet. You might have the feeling as if you are choking your pet when using a collar, and you might accidentally injure him. There’s also the chance of him slipping out of the collar on a busy street and get harmed by incoming vehicles.

Dog With Harness

When using a harness, all of the aforementioned is nonexistent. Isn’t this enough reason to go and buy a harness already? There are many shops for dog harnesses Australia wide that offer harnesses for all types of dogs made from various types of fabric. Nevertheless, buying from a reputable shop should be your top priority, as harnesses are generally costlier than normal leashes and they should at least last you a few years if your pet is fully grown. Besides the type and the retailer that you are buying from, there are some other things you’ll need to consider before choosing the right dog harness for your pet:

  • The type of the fabric the harness is made from is very important. It needs to be durable, strong and stable and all of these qualities greatly depend on the fabric it is made of. You should be looking for robustness and thickness when it comes to the materials, especially for larger breeds that tend to pull hard. For smaller dogs, on the other hand, flimsier materials are okay. For these reasons, you need to buy according to the size of your pet.
  • The way the harness is stitched, and the way the corners are made is also vital. You want round corners at the neck, legs, arms and all strap spots. This will allow your dog to move freely.
  • Appearance can also add to the final decision of the harness you will pick. Some colours and patterns that go along with the fur of your pet can be really catchy and eye-appealing.
  • The strap length needs to be appropriate for the dog’s size. It should fit like a vest, covering half of his back, not extending past the ribs and further than the waistline.
  • And last but not least, try the harness on your dog at any dog harnesses Australia wide shop you visit. This will allow the retailer to show you how to equip it on the pet. Moreover, you can try a variety of sizes and models to see which one your pet is most comfortable with.