Dive Torches: There’s a Reason for Every Different Spec

underwater torches

If you own a set of diving equipment and you have experienced the wonders of scuba diving, you are well aware that as you descend into deeper waters, the sun’s beams can no longer penetrate and you end up surrounded by darkness. This is why dive torches are an essential accessory for every scuba diver. Even in shallow waters, a good dive torch can help you explore ship wrecks, caves, and cracks, and will also allow you to have a good look at wildlife in its true colours.

There is a wide range of dive torches for sale available on the market and they come in different sizes, specs and of course, price tags. Also, every model is designed for a specific purpose and you might find that choosing a dive torch according to your needs can be quite the task. Even if you go and purchase some of the more expensive models, you might end up with a torch that doesn’t quite satisfy your needs. So here are some things you should consider when you are browsing dive torches for sale, that might help you make the right choice.

As I said before, different torches are designed for different uses. The three basic types of dive torches are: primary lights, secondary lights, and photo lights. You can probably guess what each of them is designed to do, but here is a more detailed explanation for each type.

Primary dive lights should be very bright, durable, and have a long lasting battery. When it comes to primary lights, the more power is always the better. This is especially important when you are diving at night.

A secondary dive light is you backup lighting. It is usually more compact and lightweight and you carry it with you in case your primary light fails for whatever reason.

And finally, if you are planning to take some underwater photos or videos, you will need a special photo dive light that has a wider and a much brighter beam to light your subject and can be also mounted on a strobe.

When it comes to dive torch beams, it also depends on the type of diving. A wide beam is good for night diving since it will provide maximum visibility. However, a narrow beam has more range and will provide a bright spot, making it perfect for taking a peak into crevices or under ledges. Also a narrow beam is a must when you are diving in murky water.

As far as batteries are concerned, rechargeable batteries are always the best choice. Mainly because you save money since you don’t buy new batteries all the time and the fact that they are reusable makes them environmentally friendly. The only downside is that you don’t always have access to power and you should plan ahead before you go diving.

The light source of the torch can also be one of several different types, but the new generation of LED technology is at the moment unmatched in terms of brightness, durability, and energy efficiency.

Overall, consider whether you will be using your torch during daytime to peak into caverns, during the night, or you want to extend the capabilities of your new GoPro. You can find the right type of dive torch for sale online and make your underwater adventures even more exciting.