Reasons to choose direct mail over e-mail

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In a time where everyone owns a computer e-mail has become a necessity and a vital part of communication system between people, organizations and government institutions. With this said, it seems that classic mail services are being slowly pushed off the edge of existence. Even though e-mail is faster and cheaper, many communication experts still believe that mailing services will remain to function as the backbone of e-mailing for many years to come. In fact, there are several reasons why in some cases it is more effective to use direct mail services over e-mail.

The speed and ease at which e-mails are being sent to a large number of people can be instantly overlooked if we consider the growing number of spam mail sent worldwide. For many, aside from mail received from relatives or bank and credit card reports, everything else is considered unworthy of opening it and pure junk. On the contrary, mail services offer a good mailing environment because although direct mail is seen as junk, e-mail spam is considered much worse. Moreover with direct mail services there is greater possibility for you to open the letter and see what it is all about. This is not the case with e-mail since the subject title is all we need to see to determine whether the e-mail is important or not.

Typical mailing services allow the content of the letter to be larger than the one of e-mails. This way sender has more freedom and space to try to get the wanted attention of the receiver. On the other hand, e-mails being part of the Internet world, need to be plain, brief and with little details in order to catch the eye of the targeted audience. Another reason to choose classic mailing is the fact that direct mail services has more reliable sources for mailing lists. In addition, direct mailing lists are backed up by real addresses and names of people, where on the Internet, e-mails can be easily customized with different names, in which case they loose credibility.

However the use of Internet and Information technologies these days has led e-mail way ahead of regular mail services. At some point it wast most certainly expected that e-mail will replace classic mailing. However, incorrect use of e-mail made people realize the real benefits of physical sending and receiving documents. So in conclusion, mail is still the favorite way of communication when it comes to important mail.