Design with Reason: Headboards Make a Dull Bed Divine

Let’s say you decide to go on vacation. You enter your hotel room, feeling super tired yet excited at the same time. You have a good look around, taking in the space, feeling quite impressed so far. But one thing in particular catches your eye – there’s no bedhead. That just doesn’t look right. Regardless of how cosy or soft your mattress looks, or however many pillows are stacked up on top, the whole thing feels incomplete without a headboard.

The same thing goes for your bed at home. No wonder you don’t like the way your bedroom looks right now, it’s missing an important piece of the puzzle. To fully complete it and turn it into a relaxing sanctuary for some much-needed rest and relaxation, you need get a stylish and comfortable designer bed head.

Are Bedheads Necessary?


Apart from being an accessory to your bed’s aesthetic appeal, your bed head has a more practical and functional side to it that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Support for Your Back

How many times have you sat up in your bed while reading a book or typing away at your laptop? We’ve all been there, done that. And that usually lasts for quite some time. Now imagine doing that all while being propped up against your wall. Or better yet, imagine leaning against a cold, hard wall. That definitely doesn’t paint a happy picture, does it?

Protection for Your Wall

Even if leaning against a rigid surface doesn’t actively bother you, that’s going to leave a mark in a different, more literal way. If you make sitting up against your wall a continuous habit, you’re likely going to notice faint marks on the surface sooner rather than later. That doesn’t have anything to do with how careful you are or how well you clean your house, the simple act of your back touching the wall and you moving around is what’s going to do all the damage.

Plus, the sides of your bed will likely leave a mark too. If you don’t want to face the obligation of repainting your walls frequently, it’s a good idea to check out some designer bed heads which can save you lots of headaches in the future.

What Are Bedheads Made Of?

For a more uniform appearance, you should match the material and style of your headboard to your bed. Ideally, your bed should come with an integrated bed head, but if that’s not the case look for something similar in terms of design and colour. Here’s a quick list of all the worthy contenders.


This is one of the most common choices because it gives you lots of flexibility with its warm tone and neutral colours. Its unique design makes it an ideal choice of designer bed head for all bedroom décor styles, regardless of whether you’re going for something more traditional, or you want to take a more contemporary route.

Moreover, wooden headboards are quite versatile in the sense that you can paint them whichever shade or colour you want. The general consensus is that wood is quite durable and sturdy, which means you’ll make good use of it for decades to come. However, some options such as pine and oak tend to be more expensive, so be mindful of the price and your budget.


For fans of boho chic and bohemian styles, rattan modern bedheads will surely do the trick. Their handmade exterior will add a bit of rustic charm and quaint appeal to your bedroom, making it instantly more interesting and eye-catching.

It’s widely known that rattan is pretty tough and resilient, which is why many interior décor enthusiasts love it so much. In addition, the material is pretty lightweight and easy to clean and maintain. In other words, if you get a bed head made of rattan, rest assured that it’ll withstand the test of time and retain its original shine for years to come.



For more industrial-style décor, metal will certainly help you kick things up a notch. Much like wooden bed heads, these designs are easily customisable and you can paint them whichever colour suits your taste.

Cleaning should be a breeze too since all you have to do is wipe them down with a damp cloth every now and then and you’re all set. The only downside is that metal is susceptible to temperatures which means it can sometimes be too warm or cold to the touch. This, in itself, isn’t really a pleasant experience so be careful how you handle your metal headboard if you decide to get one.


Those of you who are fans of a more elegant and sophisticated décor style will find much to love in upholstered headboards. Their reinforced base can be covered in a range of fabrics, including soft velvet, wool, leather, and a whole bunch of other fusion materials. As a result, the upholstered designer bed head is a much more comfortable choice in comparison to other materials which is why it’s a common sight in many Aussie households.

Unfortunately, due to the specific build, upholstered bed heads are somewhat more difficult to maintain. You’ll have to use the vacuum to keep them clean, making sure you don’t damage the fabric in the process. Additionally, they might cause problems for people with allergies since they’re literal dust magnets. If you fall into this category, think twice before making a purchase.