Co-create Your Green Paradise with These Deciduous Trees

In a chain of species, trees are a pinnacle. A perfect living sculpture. Trees defy gravity. They are the only natural element in perpetual movement toward the sky. They grow unhurriedly toward the sun that nourishes their foliage.

Since the dawn of humanity, trees have nourished us with two of life’s essentials – food and oxygen. As we continued to evolve, so did our understanding of the many benefits of trees. For thousands of years, they have provided for us necessities like shelter, tools, medicine, and so on. Even in today’s modern society, we keep learning to appreciate the value of trees and the huge impact they have on many aspects of our lives.

Deciduous Trees In Australia

Trees play a vital role in increasing the quality of life in our community. They create a cool, clean, peaceful, and aesthetically pleasing space in the middle of an urban environment. But, that is just a fraction of what trees actually contribute to the Eco-system of our entire planet. They provide oxygen, conserve water and soil, improve the air and climate quality, support wildlife, and really the list goes on forever. From a practical and commercial standpoint, trees are one of the most valuable resources on the planet since they are the source of all kinds of industrial materials, chemicals used in medicine, and food products.

However, the personal and spiritual value of trees is the one that directly affects our everyday life. Each tree is a unique piece of art and the very presence of a tree has a pleasant and relaxing effect on most people. Trees are known to be the longest living organisms on earth and planting a tree can be a living monument that marks a significant event in our lives and they can be admired by many generations to come.

It is easy to see why deciduous trees in Australia are becoming an increasing trend. The thing the people find most attractive in deciduous trees is the wide palette of transformations they display throughout the year.

There are very few native deciduous trees in Australia since the climate is too variable and risky for them to have evolved. However, there is a big variety of deciduous trees available on the market, which are suitable for the Australian climatic zones and the moderately fertile soil.

Here are some of my top deciduous trees you can plant in your garden and improve the overall quality of your outdoor space.

The Flowering Plum Tree

(Prunus blireana) is a tree with copper-purple leaves that perfectly complement the rosy pink flowers. It’s a small tree that grows up to 5m tall and 3m wide within 20 years which makes it perfect for gardens where space is limited. It favours sun and well-drained soil.


The Japanese Zelkova

(Zelcova serrata) is a fast-growing tree that can reach up to 18m height and 10m width. It has a smooth gray bark and lance-shaped leaves that turn orange or yellow in Autumn. They require deep, moist, and fertile soil and full sun.


The Cut-leaf Plane

(Platanus orientalis digitata) is a tree which grows very well in urban areas and has tolerance to compacted soils. It will eventually grow into a large and beautiful branching tree with pale yellow flowers. It can reach heights of 25m and with and 18m spread. Also prefers full sun conditions.