All the Reasons Why Dental Polishing Is Important for Your Oral Health

Teeth problems are no fun at all. Despite the fact that the procedure of healing and repairing a broken tooth is just painful, teeth problems can interfere with your entire health too. The collection of bacteria, the hidden rotting processes on the gums and the discolouration are a shortcut to heart problems, bad blood quality and problems with your mouth and throat. And that’s a chain of processes – once it starts, it goes on. That being said, taking care of your teeth should be a task you’ll take very seriously.


Tooth brushing is a non-discussable thing. If you want healthy, white and strong teeth, you should do it two times a day for 2-3 minutes. You need to have a proper toothbrush for your teeth, the right toothpaste and a mouthwash to finish the process. And most importantly, you need to know how to brush, and do it for 3 quality minutes, so you can get rid of the plaque that piles on your teeth during the day. While this sounds very simple, for most people it’s nagging. And due to the fact that many people brush their teeth less than 3 minutes, small pieces of tartar and plaque remain on their teeth and gyms causing serious trouble. That’s why a regular visit to the dentist for dental polishing at least once in 6 months is also a non-discussable thing.

Tartar and plaque aren’t dangerous by themselves, but..
If properly removed, plaque won’t have the time to develop into the dangerous substance called tartar. But if not removed, plaque with its acidic nature can cause erosion of the tooth enamel and tooth decay. Furthermore, along with bacteria and food leftovers, it can harden on your teeth and turn into tartar. A professional dental polishing procedure is performed so that the entire tooth is cleaned from plaque and tartar and there’s nothing left. Dentists know how to do this so it’s actually effective, leaving your teeth clean and plaque free. That will also make your teeth smoother, since you’ll no longer be feeling the layers of matter stuck on their surface.

For a fresher breath
The reason number one for a bad breath are rotten teeth and the piling tartar. Tartar is a really bad mixture of bacteria which by default means bad breath. Or, think of it this way: bad breath is usually a sign of a periodontal disease, which means somewhere in your mouth you have tartar doing damage. That is a warning sign for you to schedule a visit to the dentist ASAP.


Prevent gum diseases from ruining your life
Gum disease is no joke. Here’s how it goes: tartar build-up starts to eat your gums causing them to bleed. This is the warning phase to go to the dentist to clean the tartar and stop the progress of the disease. If you ignore this sign, pockets will start to develop between your teeth and your gums, which will get filled with food leftovers and bacteria and cause all kinds of trouble: tooth decay, gum bleeding and horrible breath. Even this situation is neglected by people sometimes, which is why many people experience tooth fallout at a very young age. All of this can be stopped by proper cleaning of your teeth with suitable dental polishing methods.

Finally, we all want white teeth
We all love drinking coffee, tea and wine – all of these are tasty stuff but are also ones that stain our teeth. Sure you can rely on tooth brushing to keep them white and shiny, but a dental polish with special pastes and tools would help you a lot more to achieve this goal. The polishing procedure would remove the piled plaque from the tooth surface making it easy for the whitening paste to take action.